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  1. I'm in the Houston area and I had a job that was north of Houston hobby. That job required me to get aerial photography and videography of a 15 story building. I submitted the request and then a couple weeks later tried to contact the FAA to find out anything related to my request. two months later I finally got ahold of someone at the FAA. was told that the rules for controlled airspace don't match up with class G airspace. (in controlled airspace you can't fly over the 400 ft above ground level even if you at with in the 400 ft of the building or structure you are flying), so they canciled my request and had me resubmit. a couple months later when I again got ahold of the FAA I was told that because the air tower doesn't want to set a precedent of letting drones fly in the area they will not let me fly higher than 50ft. which means the job is not possible, though I had been informed they had a previous drone pilot take aerial photography for them. So I'm worried about one thing, does getting my first two requests denied does that make it more likely that they will deny my requests because I have a history of denied requests. That was supposed to be a major job to really get my business started. I have only had a couple other minor jobs since then in class g airspace.