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  1. At present, with the breakthrough of many technologies, such as flight controller, optoelectronic pod, power system, and so on, industrial drones are coming with more intelligent and simpler operation, and the products are more convenient to carry. This is the future trend of industrial drones as well. On 16th May 2018, new product conference of JTT Technology was held in Shenzhen. More than 200 domestic and foreign industry leaders, customers, guests, agents and media were present. In the conference, industrial drone business was analyzed in subdivision by relevant personage
  2. Thank you for your concern. This is the real news to save two person by using our drone. And thank you for your kind suggestion. B/R, JTT Team
  3. Drone saves two Australian swimmers in world first Two teenage boys were rescued by a brand new lifesaving drone in Australia while lifeguards were still training to use the device. The swimmers, aged 15-17, had got into difficulties off the coast of Lennox Head, New South Wales (NSW). A member of the public spotted them struggling in heavy surf about 700m (2,300ft) offshore. Lifesavers instantly sent the drone to drop an inflatable rescue pod, and the pair made their way safely to shore. John Barilaro, the state's deputy premier, praised the rescue as historic. "Never
  4. Multi drones is not to instead of the helicopter, but the effect will be much more better If combined with two types, After all, the cost of helicopter is much higher than multi-drones, The multi-drone can help us to do the daily patrol, immediate rescue with low cost.
  5. Yes, It's better to have the training course before to fly the drone, We also can offer the training for the users, Welcome to visit the below link for the cooperations on UAV Training Academy with our partner in Australia. http://www.surflifesaving.com.au/news/chinese-drone-operator-flies-into-port
  6. until
    Shared from Portnews: http://www.portnews.com.au/story/4908312/chinese-drone-operators-fly-into-port-macquarie/ Port Macquarie’s reputation as the home of the drone gained another tick of approval this week with a successful visit by a Chinese delegation. Aspiring Chinese drone pilots could soon be utilising the top class training facilities located at the Surf Life Saving NSW regional headquarters to further their education in this exciting industry as they look to obtain their CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) qualifications. Representative from Port Macquarie-
  7. Australia rescue club try out drones to patrol beaches Australia rescue club controls JTT drone T60 v1 equipped with a special payload which is combined with a HD camera, a loud-speaker, a search light and a release platform to carry the rescue equipment for surveillance and rescue tasks in Golden Coast beach, March 3th, 2017. Australia rescue association have started using drones to help patrol some of the country's most popular beaches at a time when tourist arrivals are reaching record highs. Rescue association in Golden coast, rolled out the technology in the beginning o