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  1. Hi @newejuice. I actually created a post about this - you can check it out here. Happy to answer any questions you have! Cheers, Adam
  2. Here is another image as well!
  3. Hi All, Recently got back from the Caribbean with my Mavic Pro 2 and Tiffen Company filters. It is definitely a great travel drone. If you'd like to see more shots, let me know. Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated! Cheers, Adam
  4. Nicely done Alan! Only thing is maybe warm it up a bit since you are saying its sunrise! Cheers, Adam
  5. Thanks all for the responses. @Av8Chuck that is what I figured and similar to actually getting one's license, this is just another checkbox for those of us trying to fly legally. Maybe one day your license will be linked to the maps in DJI and thats the only way areas can be unlocked. @Letac thanks for the insight on the pros and cons of each one - really appreciate it!
  6. I'll have to checkout Skyward. I've had success with AirMap, but still find it odd that I get confirmation of my automatic authorization immediately via a text. Makes me feel like the automatic authorizations are just a check-box that you "agree" to fly within the parameters set with your automatic authorization. Limited to no accountability on the ATC to notify planes that you'll be flying nor on you to fly legally under your authorization.
  7. Looks like an amazing property. Like you, I also offer interiors. Really helps land the jobs! Great work.
  8. Nice video. Really appreciate you putting this through the runaround. Tiffen, who makes amazing glass, is launching their filters on Tuesday. Probably more expensive, but really high quality glass.
  9. I agree with a lot of the concern about some of the negativity but also with @L&L DRONE VIEWS to stay positive and it is still early. Dronebase and are tough because folks are willing to do that work for so cheap (more of a concern on IMO). Also, I know a lot of people locally who fly commercially without a license and they are canabilizing some of the business as they are willing to do it cheaper than I ever would. I would stick to your pricing and show the quality of your work. That is what I have done with my repeat clients and it has paid off. Do I make all of my money from my drone - no. I am lucky to do ground photography and have a successful business there. That said, I enjoy the drone work and know that if I was 100% focused on it, but sticking to my pricing and showing the quality of work to all of the available clients (while perhaps supplementing with Dronebase and at a price point I was comfortable with), I would be successful. Clients are still figuring the drone thing out as others have said to include cost, quality, etc. As such, getting in now and pushing will lead to success. Cheers!
  10. Great question and I hope others chime in as well. I'm based in Atlanta and moved there about a year ago. I also do ground photography which is the majority of my business. However I've been getting more and more inquiries on drone and have probably about 10 quotes out right now including a few that are recurring shoots for construction projects over a few years. Hoping I get them. I'd say overall I'm about as busy as expected. Obviously I'm not pushing drone maybe as much as those who only do drone but still getting a number of jobs a month. Those clients that understand the value of the drone are great. Others it is still a work in progress. "Why are you more expensive than a helicopter?". I think that's the big hurdle to overcome. I've actually leveraged this to my advantage too. As Alan said. There is work out there and how much you push for it and do good work and stick it out is important. Cheers All!
  11. Hi Dana, Where are you located? What are you looking to do? What kind of drone do you have? -Adam
  12. I never give anyone the RAW file unless they pay for it/asked for it up front. Either way, if they want more than what you provided, they can pay for it. If someone pays me for 10 images, or 1 minute of video. That is what I give them. If they want to see what else I have, then I show them (with watermark), and they can decide if they want to buy more. Your time, work, intellectual property, etc are all worth something.
  13. @Jazee I think one question to ask too is are we talking photo or video. Just to help focus our answers. Either way, for me and my clients, Golden Hour only really makes sense for a property that really will wow with the lights on and an amazing sky behind it. Your average house on an average piece of land really doesn't need it and won't make a difference for selling the house. On the water, a large estate, etc then getting that magical shot really can make a difference for the more discerning buyer.
  14. Hi All, Been compiling some recent footage and thought I'd share. Appreciate any thoughts, input, etc. Of course, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube as I hope to continue to post more videos in the future. Thanks for checking it out! Cheers, Adam