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  1. I'll plan on attending however I'd love the opportunity to select two of my top students to attend the event to provide them industry inspiration on where they can apply what they are learning in their respective degree subject (Geography, Soil Science, Plant Science, etc). Over the past semester, students are learning the workflow for imagery collection for survey mapping and FAA107 exam preparation. Any awarded tickets would be shared with a Community College student. Thank you for the opportunity!
  2. Good afternoon! Our campus has a new semester of GIS courses in the LA Region starting August 21. GIS provides many analysis and interactive functions for use of the drone imagery captured using the drones. This semester includes two Introduction to GIS (GIS 120) courses including a hybrid (once a week Friday)., an Intermediate GIS(220) located off site at the LA County Department of Public Works (DPW) at 900 S Fremont Ave, Alhambra and a Cartography (GIS 221) course. (course descriptions http://riohondo.isteaching.com/class-descriptions). Select courses transferable to CSU & Claremon
  3. I have the Phantom 4 .. also the Sequoia cam, also investing in the thermals, high resolution cameras for use in survey mapping, search and recovery .. for both research and coursework / training (GIS / RMS, Pix4D, etc) . I am torn with the inspires as I dont think we can easily switch the cameras/ sensors on the Inspire2? Was leaning towards the Inspire1? I am also obtaining a couple of the Phantom4Pros in addition to the Inspires. We will primarily use units to generate orthos and surface models for remote sensing, watershed modeling ... Any suggestions?
  4. Hi Chuck! We have a county related event in the fall to cover downtown .. did you have some contact for use of drone? Its a and only a couple hundred feet at the most?