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  1. Hey... Congratulations! I'm in Seattle much of the time &, occasionally Moses Lake. Where are you? My challenge in Seattle is finding air space. I went to 60 Acres Park a week ago and it was wonderful...for open space. When school's out it will be filled with kids' teams. Where are you flying? ...and what gear do you have?
  2. I can only speak to InterDrone in Las Vegas as it was the first/only one I have attended. The variety of tracks and speakers was terrific. Not only were most on a level for independent or small businesses, but if I popped in on one that was irrelevant to me or over my head, it was easy to peek in to another. The length of each workshop/presentation was also attractive. I want to say maybe 45 minutes or so, as presenters really had to be laser-like to fit in what was most relevant. My recollection is that there were not hobby-related presentations (e.g., racing). On the other hand, there were many participants who were not licensed, yet still received exceptional insights as it's still all about the UAS/drones, fascinating possibilities and connecting with leaders and enthusiasts. I had a ball, learned so much, made new connections and will return this year. It is being sponsored by a new group I'm told, so do not know what will be different. ..."and that's all I have to say about that." Forrest Gump
  3. I am working on a legal project, researching waivers or license(s) needed in order to fly a fixed wing and quad, both well OVER 55 lbs. Can you guide me to the link that addresses that (updated) info? (I think it used to be a 333, but that's gone.) Thanks!
  4. Mission planning templates? Does anyone have a data base or spreadsheet to help "fill in the blanks" as I/we research and prepare to bid on projects? I am working with a team of students who see this as an opportunity to put our heads together. For instance, we had to research and put together a plan for a bass fishing contest, a search and rescue with very specific parameters, a commercial real estate survey, etc. We all had different formats and now realize the power of a template or database. Your proprietary information is not our request, of course. A great organizational plan so that we can truly fill in the blanks with drop down lists or check boxes would be a real treat! If one is not out there, do you see a market for creating one? Thanks in advance!
  5. Is it true that there is a simulator built in to the DJI GO 4? I, too, am wanting to "launch," yet find myself in freezing or damp weather, so wonder how to determine safe or possibly covered locations. Do local schools ever let us in to use gymnasiums?
  6. Hi Darren, So glad you posted! I am responding as a "start-up" myself, although likely with a different "bent." As much as anything, it is important that I reach out to build relationships beyond locals (Washington State and Upstate NY) as I perceive more and greater opportunities when connected for referrals or partnerships. I have a Mavic Pro and my license. More than anything I have been taking advantage of engaging in a UAS Certification program that just rolled out at a local community college. I love the idea of videography, yet know the greater profits can be found with more mapping applications. Thus, I am focusing on that track so that I have a balance. Funny...I was visiting San Diego a few months ago and attended a monthly UAS meeting sponsored (I think) by a local aviation group?. Are you aware of those meetings? If not, I can track down the person who heads it up. Interestingly, few people knew each other and the greatest challenges were with congestion and wait time for waivers. Have you thought about reaching out for contracts outside your area? I may be "pie in the sky" or right on track, as I intend to reach out beyond my local area so I can incorporate travel into my business. So...with an assignment (from school) to build a detailed proposal and presentation to land a gig to film a Bass Fishing Contest at a lake near a small airport for two days, I am hunkered down pulling together all the details. Funny...I am also required to guarantee I have two other UAS pilots and at least three visual observers, all with a good level of experience. This assignment alone will help me build a great portfolio so I will begin to have an online presence. I think that is key in selling your services. Yes...a long response, yet hope I sparked something that might help. Keep us posted! Kate
  7. Nice overview of project, Jason. I think the 360s kept interest and certainly context clear. In fact, I noticed I wanted to skip through a good amount of the middle section that simply showed straight-on shots moving down the highway. With such a "solid" product, even adding 2-3 mini interview-statements from project-involved employees could be cool. In the interest of, "For what purpose will this be used?" You might want to use an initial subtitle for each showing. (Marketing?) "Taylor...Tackling your gargantuan move with precision and local environmental respect." Maybe adding voice to the conclusion could "sell" the viewer on "what's next" whether a contract or company pride at a corporate meeting. You have great options to use this as a foundation for many opportunities. Go for it!
  8. Where can I find a UAS107 Certified Pilots Registry, i.e., names and contact information? Having departed from InterDrone I realized I still did not know where to go to track down drone pilots (as I travel between coasts) so that I might partner to offer MeetUp Groups, regional clubs, share presentations / mini-workshops for regional businesses or teachers, and more. Is there a "UAS107 Pilot Registry" online where I can find out who is licensed state-by-state, by country, and/or just a complete searchable list? In a nutshell, a keynote pointed out, "One can go fast; partners can go far."
  9. Just invested in my Mavic Pro, seeking partners / mentors to walk me through challenges as they arise. Yes, although I am watching all the videos and pushing all the buttons, I'm not yet in the air. Having tagged myself as a "Curious Business Opportunist," a UAS program in Central Washington State (Big Bend Community College, Moses Lake) revealed itself to me when I left my profession in STEM / hands-on science education programs over a five state Pacific NW territory in January 2017. Not surprised, I was the: oldest, only female, ready to roll. Without a doubt, I could do this independently. My preference is to partner with others around the country and around the world to embark on special projects. As much as I appreciate stunning cinematography, I sense surveying for data as a better way to partner. That said, I hope to hear from anyone who might become a part of a hub, available for a call or mutual coaching along the way. Why work independently when the outcome of multiple minds can produce amazing results?!! I do plan on attending InterDrone. Looking forward, Kate P.S. I own a home in Syracuse, NY so am here right now. I spend a greater part of my year in Washington State (Seattle & Central WA) and intend to expand my interests globally.
  10. Welcome. I just joined having passed my 107 Cert. and will be searching for others who can help coach me to get up to speed with my "way-cool Mavic Pro." I'm still sitting with it on a picnic blanket wishing it would synch by magic! ...still spinning...and tomorrow is another day.