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  1. Great advice. Thanks, I have a field where I can work on the skills you suggest.
  2. This sounds great. To get there early I would probably come up the night before. I have lots of hotel and RCI points so finding a place in the area should be no problem. I consider myself a beginner who has just flown recreational in local parks. I have a DJI Mavik and access to an Inspire 1 I have flown a couple of times. I have an older Phantom 2 and a really old DJI 750 (I think) Hexacopter that I don't think I even recall how to fly. I took the FAA 107 test just to learn more about safety, airspace, etc. and passed. But I don't kid myself, I'm a basic beginner who wants to get better. I'm
  3. Looking a private coach to teach basic, intermediate and advanced drone flying skills. There are various workshops listed on line but they are either at bad times or the focus primarily on the part 107 certification test. I want to develop my skills as a pilot, and a private coach might be quicker than reviewing YouTube videos and practicing on my own. I live in Long Beach, CA about 25 miles south of LA.