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  1. Imagine that, information in the drone/UAS world being outdated about a day after it was posted............
  2. I looked it up. There is no trim on the H. I don't know that I have ever needed it. if it drifts, I usually re calibrate the compass and that usually takes care of that. I believe you can go into the control settings pretty deep and adjust there if you needed to. I like my H.
  3. Define trimming for me. I have a Typhoon H
  4. http://consumer.findlaw.com/consumer-transactions/drone-laws-by-state.html It is a little too early for drone v. open fields case law. Here are the laws across the country and that is kind of regulating the use now. I have not heard of anything yet. But if you become the first case, keep us updated....:)
  5. You are going to have to have a lot of "DRONE" or a small amount of banner........
  6. You mean other than signing up with UAVCOACH????? (https://www.dronepilotgroundschool.com/) What kind of learner are you? Do you need a structured program or can you pull together all you need for the test from different sources? Defore I knew about UAV Coach, I bought a basic book (ASA publication) and used that as a guide for my study. I would complete a chapter and then review Youtube, and search online for test questions and build off that. Rupprecht and https://3dr.com/faa/ are great resources. See if that helps or is a structured program what you need to invest in.
  7. That is a great video presentation. I wanted to buy right then. Great story telling and emphasizing more than 3 bedrooms 2 baths........
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    Tony, if you will contact your local Emergency Management/Operations agency, they can check the need and location in the state-wide network to see if there is a need for your services. Sometimes it might be under your Sheriff. There is a process in place (although overwhelmed) for need and distribution of resources through the NIMS. Thank you for volunteering.
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    In the Upstate of SC. Home to Clemson University!!!!
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    We are very fortunate to have tremendous support behind us here. I went public with our plans and let everyone know that our focus was on SAR.
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    In the Upstate of SC. Home to Clemson University!!!!
  12. Does anybody provide the "night training" requirement for the waiver?
  13. John: Are you just wanting to see visual progress day by day or do you need measurements, data, stats, etc? You can go basic like my Yuneec Typhoon H or https://3dr.com/enterprise/industries/survey-mapping/ for detailed measurement. I enjoy civil engineering. Good luck
  14. I am the Sheriff of Pickens County and we are starting our UAS program from the ground up. We see tremendous potential in SAR. Our plan is to replace our EXPENSIVE helicopter with a UAS team. I have passed the Part 107 and now I am working on training a couple of deputies. We see and endless benefit to what we can do for our department. During this development of the program, citizen’s privacy rights are the core of this program. Thank you UAV Coach for this forum and the support you provide to the UAV community. p.s. did I mention I enjoy flying also!!!!!!
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    Flir camera

    I have the CGO ET and it is great for the price and works well. The low light setting is the most amazing thing about it.