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  1. So - I need to get my renewal and need to study. Is it basically the same test I took to get my 107? Therefore, should I go thru the same training that helped me pass it the first time (DP Ground School) ? If my current one expires before I can recert - does that cause any other issues (I thought I had another month but only have a week or two)? Thanks in advance, Scott
  2. I'm interested Part 107 Certified DFW Texas area
  3. Curious - I am supposed to fly near the outer edge of a class D airspace. I'm probably less than 100 feet outside of it. I fly a Mavic Pro. Thoughts on if you think I need an unlock code or not? I'm going to try and get by there before I have to fly and just turn on the Mavic and see what comes up on the app.
  4. Thanks for the reply Steve
  5. So, I passed my RPC on 9/24 (Thanks to UAV Coach!!), registered with IACRA on 9/26. I have a temporary certificate with no number. When should I expect to actually have a number? When should I expect to get my official card? Thank you, Scott Vivian
  6. I stumbled across this tidbit when looking at Airmap's website...
  7. Here are the site locations: Location(s): Location ID45S: Dan Ryan Expressway at 36th St., East line, South face 41.828095, -87.629620 Location ID 23W: Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) 750’ E/O Kedzie, South Line, West face 41.873992, -87.705286 Location ID 30W: Stevenson Expressway (I-55) w/o Ashland, South Line, West face 41.837291, -87.667132 Notes: Site 30W might be problematic as it technically falls just on the inside of the Chicago Midway International Airport. Location ID 2N: Kennedy Expressway at Peoria, West line, North face 41.88996
  8. As a new startup, we are working to put together a contract for a large billion dollar company used to seeing contracts fitting their stature. We are currently struggling with several areas in our contract - payment terms, copyright fees, contractor rate, and output format. Payment Terms - The customer has a line item for Payment mechanics stating they will pay within 60 days of invoicing. While I understand the actual term and what that means, it doesn't seem that would be a 'norm' in our industry. So - I am asking for your help/guidance as to what your payment terms look like. Do yo
  9. Good catch! Yes - iflightplanner. I got it from another post of yours. Love it!
  10. Thanks! In browsing around, I found which is really cool. Using inflightplanner lets me see (very clearly) all of the various class B/C airspace around me. Much easier to visualize than just a sectional chart.
  11. Thanks, Dave. I am currently going thru the Drone Pilot Ground School from UAV Coach. I went back and reviewed all of the information about the B4UFly app and found that it was really developed for hobbyist versus the commercial pilot. It was mentioned so much at the Interdrone convention, I thought it was an authoritative source (being from the FAA).
  12. I was checking on a couple of locations to fly for a potential customer. When I use the 'B4UFly' app it is says do not fly! When I go to the FAA UAS Data Delivery System, the addresses show up with a ceiling of 200 and 300 feet. Has anyone used the UAS Data Delivery System to check? Where can I find the definitive / authoritative answer? Here is the link to the Visualize It: See FAA UAS Data on a Map - Example location: 41.97439 -87.80727 Thank you, Scott - Drone It Texas / Drone It Network
  13. My wife, Kristy, and I just got registered!! I'm also going thru the Drone Pilot Ground School