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  1. I actually am a surveyor and I work for an engineering firm, I am hoping to provide aerial products and orthographic surveys for my company and engineers. Once we have ironed out the bugs I plan on expanding the service to certified deliverable surveys.
  2. The fact that it is a GPS location means there is error, I know it is supposed to be a decent location however with my profession I need seriously tight horizontal and vertical locations. Drone deploy is only good for up to 0.5' which unless I use an RTK drone carrying a LIDAR puck and set photo ID points onsite with a known horizontal and vertical location. Or is there a better program than drone deploy?
  3. Hello people, i just passed my 107 and I am waiting to receive my license number but while I wait I am trying to get my company off the ground. I have a LOT to learn, like reducing error in drone deploy/autocad transfer basically field to finish work and having it reliable for customers. Anyhow I would seriously appreciate any advice or help with any of the issues listed above. Thanks! Ray