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  1. A friend of mine had the exact problem with his Mavic Pro (Platinum). He showed his video's to DJI and they replaced his drone.
  2. It doesn't "require" a connection to satellites but it does help. Check out DroningOn's YT channel where he flew it in a hotel. It will work in a wooded area but the range will be reduced due to the signal going through leaves. You will need to maintain line of sight. If you go behind a big building or a hill it will disconnect from the RC.
  3. There are plans out there for 3D printing a mount with a 1/4 20 thread. I have one that I mount my Insta360 One X onto in order to take aerial 360 video with. I would think that I could mount my A6x00 camera on it too. Just haven't tried. I've tried mounting a light weight selfie stick on it with the 360 camera in order to get the drone further away so I could mask the drone out easier but the Mavic is very wobbly with that. You'll need to keep the weight as close to the drone as possible. Oh, and for Gods sake disable the downward sensors if you use one of these. It's no fun when you forget that.
  4. The squares that I see delineating max altitude ARE pretty big which can allow for pretty big terrain differences. I don't see this so much as a DJI problem and more of a FAA/LAANC issue.
  5. There was a recent webinar using this drone. The use case was tracking/plotting cow dung for properly fertilized fields. The researcher was a PhD student from University of Nebraska. I think she was the 3rd presenter in the video. You might try to email her about their experience. https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/3331135792626889219
  6. It is not good for stills. The color range on the small camera is not good. Check out pole photography. You can get a DSLR 16 feet or more up in the air and take HDR shots. Rich Baum has a good tutorial for making one.