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  1. Micasense RedEdge M Multispectral Camera. Works like new. Complete. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MicaSense-RedEdge-M-Multi-spectral-Drone-Camera-Complete-Excellent-Spectrum/224203801838
  2. So what do you think would be a fair cost to charge for travel time in cases like this when the travel time can be 2, 3 or even 4 times the onsite time? Let's say your rate is $225/hour and you have a job that will take 2 hours of onsite time (assume no post processing). That's $450 total. But let's assume the job is 2.5 hours drive away, 150 miles. So 300 miles total, 5 hours total travel time. The standard mileage rate is currently $0.58/mile - so by that rate, the travel time charge would be $174, or effectively $35/hour. This per mile rate is suppose to compensate for al
  3. @MyrtleDrone you can enter the coordinates for the base station. It's done in the controller app not the base station. I'm surprised you have a P4RTK and you didn't know you could do that? Very understandable though since DJI did a complete fail on the documentation. Users around the Internet have had to discover how to do a lot of things and share the workflow since so much is missing in the P4RTK documentation. The other myth is you cant use a 4G dongle on the base station because DJI never released one. The known coordinates of the base station can be entered under Main Screen >
  4. I am now wondering how many pilots out there are using a P4RTK and setting the base station up without known coordinates or ground control points and not realizing they are only getting increased accuracy RELATIVE to the base station position and the ABSOLUTE world coordinates are still shifted by typically 1-3 meters (X/Y plane) and much higher shift for the Z (elevation) plane?
  5. I've seen tests where only using GCPs versus only using RTK (with base on known point) the GCP method was actually a little more accurate (when doing ground check with additional GCPs not used during processing.) If someone is being sent out to establish GCPs having them mark a few more than you would if you were using the P4RTK is not that time consuming. Doesn't seem like a very wise allocation of financial resources to pay 6 times more for the P4RTK, just going to take more jobs to pay it off while gaining a modestly more efficient workflow, unless you were doing quite a few jobs a month
  6. So I watched 4 videos and read a couple how to's and looked at the User Manuals regarding the Phantom 4 RTK and the associated base station. I'm sort of having a hard time believing what I'm seeing/reading.... Nothing I've seen or read shows the ability to place the base station on a control point with known coordinates and enter those coordinates into the base station (or remote controller). This means, while the P4 RTK will have phenomenal position accuracy relative to the base station, there will still be a high degree of error for the absolute world position coordinates. Everything
  7. I was talking to a pilot the other day who had a crash where he was flying in Arizona, it was 96 out (stated ambient operating temp of the Phantom 4 Pro is 104). And the Lipo expanded and ejected. He thinks it must have been due to the temps. Seems like not all LiPo batteries, even from the same manufacturer are identical so maybe it was a faulty battery? Has anyone else run into this. I'm scared now to fly my drone in anything like above 90 degrees F. I know you aren't supposed to store lipos in the fridge as you can get condensation inside but I'm wondering if anyone else tha
  8. Anyone attended BOTH Interdrone and ExpoUAV Americas in Las Vegas before? If so, can you comment on how they differ? More attendees from certain industries in one over the other? Different level of focus (on average) in the break out sessions? Different approach/organization/flavor yada yada.
  9. We all ocassionally see these news stories about Drone Delivery to people's homes. It all started how many years ago with Amazon? Then I saw one about Dominos deliverying pizza in India. Now this one: https://uavcoach.com/uber-drone-delivery I have some strong opinions on this. I'm curious when people think we will start seeing Drone Package or Fast Food Delivery begin actually happening with delivery to real homes in a city in the United States?
  10. Testing a Parrot Sequoia and the RGB photos are terrible. It's not a drone speed issue as I tried even on the lowest speed setting in Pix4D Capture. When you have motion blur issues it's consistent throughout the image. This is the strangest thing I've ever seen in that it has what looks like bands of blurriness as some bands of areas like more detailed than others. Trying to determine if I have a bad RGB camera sensor. The other camera the images are consistent detail throughout the frame. This is 4 inch/pixel GSD (135 feet AGL) https://i.imgur.com/dP7bDIM.jpg
  11. With maybe the exception I would imagine of the military (bases), do any other Federal Agencies (DHS for example) have authority to regulate (impose rules/laws) on where UAVs can and cannot be flown? Or do all Federal Agencies need to exert their "will" so to speak through the FAA? Note I am talking FEDERAL only. NOT state, county, or local cities.
  12. So I was curious about Dronebase and a search here brings up this thread so I'll rekindle it a bit. I noticed on their site they state back in October they stopped doing Gerry images missions. Was anyone or does anyone know anyone that was getting a significant number of Getty images missions from Dronebase prior? Did the end of the relationship cause a big decrease in possible jobs? They also state on their website they pay $70 for "Insurance Jobs" I take that to be roof inspections. It seems from the couple of really big Hurricanes in the South/Southeast over the last year or tw
  13. Looks like enough of the FlyGuys pilots are getting tired of paying them a monthly fee for little to no jobs. I wonder how many paid a year's worth of fees to help pay for FlyGuys' online advertising and DroneDeploy/Pix4D business subscription, and didn't make their money back? Is their a no-job refund policy? This just in from the FlyGuys Pilot Newsletter... 2018 Pilot Beta Programs Based on pilot feedback, drone business support tools are still of high interest, yet paid programs are not useful before a certain mission traction is reached. So the earl
  14. Well, now I want to edit my original question.... Anyone get authorization in a LAANC 0 altitude grid in CLASS B or CLASS C airspace? No luck here for 75ft about a mile from runway but not in the flight path.
  15. I want to take some Commercial Real Estate Photos at 75ft in a 0 altitude facility map section. It's about 1.2 miles from an airport runway (class C airspace) but it's not in the approach or takeoff path. Now we all know, common sense tells us, if an airplane is flying below 100 feet where there are 8 story buildings, especially if it's not in the landing or takeoff path, then you have much bigger problems than a drone. Is it impossible to get auth? Does anyone really know?
  16. Is anyone aware of tools/workflow to help classify surface features (trees, shrubs, bare ground) using RGB or Multispectral imagery (as opposed to LIDAR) as an alternative to importing an orthomosaic into a GIS program and manually identifying and mapping the surface features?
  17. Wondering what people recommend as the best free or very low cost practice tests that have the most current array of questions?
  18. Oh I see. You use a high enough resolution sensor so that you can make one pass, capturing multiple lines and then zoom in when inspecting the image to get the detail you need on the lines, insulators, and other components. Do you still use a camera with optical zoom during flight to get extreme detail on certain areas, or is the sensor resolution high enough that you can forego the necessity to use optical zoom during flight? Do you typically run an IR and RGB camera at the same time or is IR not required in many situations? It would seem to me like the IR information would be
  19. A common voltage is 345,000. Let's assume that.
  20. What's a typical mission plan for power line inspections? I've read distance recommendations from 20ft to 100ft. It seems to me at 20ft, unless you are using course lock or similar, you could have issues keeping the line in the frame depending on how fast you are flying. Are most companies looking for thermal videography of the entire transmission line for a distance to identify obvious problem points and then more close visual inspection of insulators near the towers using a zoom camera? I really can't see how visual RGB images would be that useful as an insulator in the early stages of f
  21. Looking at a potential application where I need to measure the settlement of land over time. The land is not covered by much vegetation so photogrammetry is an option. However obviously I need at least one ground control point outside of the subject area that is on stable land (such as a survey monument). I'm looking for relative elevation accuracy within 3 inches which can be achieved by flying pretty low (Say 0.5 inch/pixel GSD). It would seem to me, with a ground control point on can "anchor" each subsequent survey to, there's no practical significant benefit to using RTK or Lidar?
  22. All these platforms like DroneDeploy, etc, allow annotation of the resulting orthomosaic output. Does anyone know of a platform that has similar functionality as far as ortho/3D processing, BUT, you can upload photos just for sharing and annotation without doing any processing on them? Seems to me you'd have to use a separate "photo sharing" site with that function?
  23. Regarding the shadows, they are not your friend if you are doing a property with a significant amount of trees close to the buildings. They can cost large areas of shadows along the sides of the structures making part of the structures well lit and others not. People's opinions on the Golden hour subject are often heavily biased by their variety of their experiences with different property settings, or lack thereof. Someone in the Northwest that shoots properties in somewhat wooded areas is going to have a different perspective than someone who shoots properties in say Arizona, or Florida -
  24. There's been some discussion on the potential need for a Land Surveyor License to provide drone surveying and mapping service. I saw somewhere that recently the State of California was cracking down on this. Just got a call from an investigator from my state wanting to learn more about my surveying and mapping service. Sounded like an older guy and thereby my hunch was this was all new to him. He came across as genuinely curious, not like it was a sting operation. Coincidentally this happened shortly after we started advertising on the Internet. May have rubbed one or more existing Land S
  25. Seems there's a "new kid on the block" for the drone pilot referral directories. Seems like there's about a half dozen of them out there. I've heard from other pilots, all these services, the supply of pilots is huge and the number of jobs posted per week is very small in most areas, even on the most prominent directories/referral services. So I got this email today from FlyGuys, it was highly unprofessional, it started out without my real first name: Hello #[Contacts.First Name} The image in the signature was broken, etc. And the email makes claims like "The number of miss