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  1. Thanks for bringing this up Scott - I'm in the same position. My sense was that we retake the same test....and hence should use the DPGS curriculum to study up....but I'm curious if there has been any major updates to the testing process in 2 years? Thanks all! -Jaime
  2. Great thread - thanks for the info and perspectives. This happened to me yesterday flying a simple mission in a residential area here in Seattle. (Mission was for DroneBase, Auctions.com - 9 surrounding photos of a home). Near the end of my flight a car pulled up from around the block, man gets out and approaches me while I'm flying. Doesn't say much at first, I (like many in this thread) was friendly and offered to answer any questions he may have. Which he did.... "What are you doing?" I've been hired by XXX to take photos of this home. "Which house are you taking pictures of?" The residence just in front of us. ....."If you fly that above my house again I'll shoot it down. I have a 12-gauge that would take that out." OK. "My house is the one in back of this one." I didn't feel the need to engage to heavily with him as his mind seemed to be made up and not sure a conversation would have helped. Had I flown over his home/property - yes, at 85-100ft as I looked to get the needed photos for the back of the subject home. I did leave the area straight away and needed to confirm my belief it wasn't illegal to fly over another's home. I also was curious about the legality of this threat.... Regardless of what seems like a gray area for air space above one's home, I like the approach of alerting neighbors - I'm curious if anyone has ever used a simple postcard handout as a way to educate/inform as well? I feel like it can be a fine balance between awareness and education for neighbors, and causing more alert than is needed for a 5-10 min flight. Thanks again all...welcome any more updates on this topic so I know what to say next time
  3. Beautiful work - curious what laws Iceland has on drone flying...I was there a few years ago (before I had a drone)....I'm guessing some of the main attractions/parks you couldn't/wouldn't want to be flying around, but so much open space I can see it would be easy to get some of these amazing shots! Congrats....
  4. Hi all, hoping for some help in fully understanding the "flying over people" restrictions when flying under 107. Clearly I want to create a safe flying environment around my UAS, but I see so much footage flying over people, cars, etc. that I'm confused! I'm looking into conducting a flight/filming in a downtown city area, Class G airspace, however there is potential to be flying across a parking lot/street where people and cars would be. (although we're planning a weekend early morning, so foot and vehicle traffic would be light/nil) I seem to be finding conflicting reports of the proper regulations/waivers I would need to conduct such a flight - the city has some rules, FAA of course has their own....I've attached a very preliminary flight path below (trying to get wide shots flying up to/at buildings). Of course we could hire police to hold traffic, keep the area clear of pedestrians, etc, but not sure my client would have the budget for that.... Thoughts? Thanks all!
  5. Thanks @Alan Perlman - do you have a recommendation for finding the right liability coverage - a company you use/trust? Indeed on the scouting and plan for my flights to avoid flying over people. One caveat or clarification there - I thought in my studying and testing that if your subjects were briefed on the drone's use/flight, they could be under the flight area - am I remembering this incorrectly? And yes, the commissioner will be on site, has agreed to let/help me brief all the coaches ahead of the filming. Thanks for helping me think through things!
  6. I'm looking at filming at a youth football jamboree next weekend for a client who is supporting the league with athletic trainers - but wanted to hear best practices on "waivers" or other liability steps to take before flight. A briefing, in person or via email to coaches, seems like a good place to start, and of course safe, planned flying....but anyone else have thoughts about waivers, insurance, etc? I have checked with the league commish and he's not concerned - "all our kids wear helmets and pads"...of course coaches, fans, parents don't.... Thanks for any additional advice all!
  7. Thanks Alan - was thinking about doing something similar, but just starting to think about what the best angle, objects, etc to record would be....nature/trees, or buildings (i.e. Space Needle in Seattle)....by the nature of your post I'm guessing the shadows will be cooler to record than the eclipse itself?! Love any additional thoughts on what the best views may be! Thanks.