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  1. So many new jobs are opening for drone pilots. I am sure that this new way of beach security will help in saving peoples lives.
  2. Wow this is a higher level of video editing. And video has a nice clear picture.
  3. I can't tell you what I don't like about this bird but I can tell you what I like. This bird is capable of almost anything the more expensive drones can do. Also, the price is highly affordable. If you look at the price and what you get then you will see Phantom series were always best to buy drones. Check out this video (, it was done with DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro3+ camera. It is one of my favorite drone videos. If you are looking for a drone that has all the features but your budget is limited then this is the best buy, but if you have the unlimited budget there are professional drones on the market which you can get and will probably work a little bit better than Phantom series. But then again these professional drones are a lot bigger and you would need a lot more drone piloting skills to get the maximum from them.
  4. I am new. I mainly used toy drones so far. The law here prohibits usage of big drones that can spy on the neighborhood, so I need to learn my skills with little drones. But I am flying and looking to get better and maybe one day laws change or I change the country.