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    Commercial ships

    Flying from any vessel brings a whole host of issues and considerations that need to be dealt with. 1: Metal Your crafts compass is going to be extremely affected by the mass of the ships hull, your going to need to try and take off as high as possible well away from the metal deck, also avoid calibrating the compass while on the ship, any prompt to do so it’s almost cerinsly driven by the ships mag field and as soon as you take off you going to get issues as you excpae from that. Be be well aware of what TBE is and be prepared to fly in Atti. 2: RTH as a ship is generally moving you need to set RTH to hover or make sure your constantly updateing the current home point by RC location, remember if the boat moves the craft will not know unless you tell it. 3: Radio Interfearance. Yes the Radar is there but it’s not going to cause the craft to fall out the sky, I would set it to custom channel selection and pick a clean channel on the 2.4ghz band, at worst the ships communications system will cause some disconnection issues and failsafe, this is why it’s masivly important to understand what you have done with the RTH settings. Finally above all all else get permission from the ship befor you fly, make them aware and that way you won’t get any unexpected surprises from the staff and they know what’s happing should something go out of plan.
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    Greetings from Mid-Wales

    Hay Taf , nice to see another Welshman.
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    v01.11.01.50 Firmware Upgrade

    Yea it was nothing that really affected anything in the end, flying a camera drone with out a device makes it as much use as a chocolate fire guard.
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    It’s not the sensor or the SOC that let’s the Mavic down it’s the codec, it’s got aaggresive NR and the codec is not at all making the best of its input especially at low light or repetting patterns. It was not as good the P4 from an image standpoint and that was a shame for many but in good light it was ok, lower light levels it really began to show limitations. The Air is looking like it’s really shinning in this area, I seen a lot of footage now and honestly I was very impressed, out the box in auto especially it’s looking great, much improved over the Mavic. I don’t believe it’s using an Ambarella SOC for the camera at all so I’m not sure how they are doing the image processing, perhaps Intel and the extra 40mbps it helping the improved codec retain a lot more detail especially once the areas the Mavic struggles. Footage wise it’s looking very impressive for a small drone and looks to be the best 1/2.3 output DJI have produced yet.
  5. Yea there are some versions that needs to be paired or at least passed a certain number with both to work. As Dave says post the screenshot as we can see where your at.
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    DJI & Disney Airspace

    Email Flysafe at DJI and they should be able to resolve this for you, but if it’s showing as a Red Zone there is nothing you can specifically do to get passed it your self other than getting flysafe to unlock it. just a note after reading you said you unlocked the area on the website did you then go online with the device to sync that unlock data to DJI Go ? If doing via website you just need to make sure that unlock endup at your smartdevice to unlock the craft that’s all. What Aircraft was this tbh as a matter of interest.
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    Hi All Just Joined from Kent UK

    Hi from South Wales
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    About to purchase the Phantom 4 Pro

    That’s the number I was told currently and was informed the CAA state they have issueed about 5500 total permissions since conception. Now what I don’t know is if this takes into account multiple PIC on the same Ops Manual so there is possible some who are working under a larger companies permission but even so if that is a few hundred and I doubt it is it’s still a large number who have not re applied and it’s over a 5th.
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    About to purchase the Phantom 4 Pro

    While not correct in here but there has been a loss of about 1500 operators in the Uk that have not renewed, and the UK permission is not a small task so these guys have fallen away because they either could not make it work or they did not really know what they got into in the first place.
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    Dji Googles

    How are you connecting it? For the P3 it should be HDMI only as it does not support USB or wireless connection, you need to have the HDMI board fitted to the RC. So just to confirm on the P3 series you won’t have head tracking or the other smart features just visual over HDMI.
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    Dji mavic pro real estate

    Just to confirm the DJI XT will work with all the original X mount capable drones so that Inspire 1, M100, M600 and the new M200 series. Ots not compatible with the Inspire 2. I1 you can pick up at a crazy bargain right now and if someone was looking for a tool to give more of an impression than the Mavic then it offered great bang for buck, just be aware of batteries if you buy one used and check them extensively as early firmware had a discharge bug that could kill them if they were left for long periods with out checking on them. If they turn on then check the capacity and if it’s above 80% of the original level then they are fine.
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    starting out...

    That all sounds normal, yes the packs turn off when charging is complete and will show 4 solid Leds when done when you check them, a piece of advice, do your self a favor and download the P3 Manual read read it cover to cover a number of times, there is some stuff in there you really need to know around how this works and the behavior of veriouse features. Some other info that may be helpful for you First flight. Take it easy for your first few flights until you understand what the craft is doing and how it behaves vs how you expect it to behave as they can be different. Avoid water or tight spaces and give your self plenty of open space to check the craft is working correctly and you understand its controls. Do not use CSC to stop the motors after landing it has a habit of tipping the craft, just hold the throttle down to minimum for a few seconds to shut the motors down. Battery A few simple rules will ensure you should not have any problems Take it easy on new packs, or even ones that have been stored for some time could take a number of cycles to realise it full capacity, do not fully discharge a new pack for the first few cycles and ideally don't discharge below 50% for the first 10 cycles/flights, it’s just helps a little it appears . Try not to fly a partly charged pacI and only take off with a fully charged battery when ever you can, if you stop flying do not use the pack again for another flight further to this try to only fly that pack with in 24 hours of charging, ideally sooner, if the battery has been sitting for over 24 hours discharge it to below 90% then charge it fully before and long flight. Keep a charged battery warm before flight as temps are dropping and cold weather can have an averse affect on the battery and its performance, try to keep the pack warm between charging and getting to the fly site in colder weather, battery temp should ideally be between 20-30c for take off, since V1.6 it will warn you of your temp is to cold and may not let you arm of its below 15c, if between 15-20c take off and just hover for a bit for the pack temperature to rise above 20c Finally be gentle In colder weather avoid full throttle unless its absolutely necessary, especially until the battery has warmed in flight, take off at part throttle as this is when the largest load is on the pack and its cold. Fly safe folks and keep those birds coming home
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    starting out...

    As chuck as stated they are likely fine, if you want to have a very basic idea of their health post a picture of the battery screen with each one in and we can take a look. Chucks posts is bang on with everything the only real thing I would say is once the packs are known after a few cycles charging inside should not be an issue in my opinion as long as you can do it where you mentain control and visibility and are able to control the situation if it changes rapidly, charging them out side every time is not something that is absolutely nessesary once your in a place you can control things, often I’m charging packs on my bedroom floor BUT I’m allways there and am able to take control if something goes south. I do store them in a metal safe when not in use and all my other dumb packs in the worshop live in ammo boxes like chuck stated, I tend to keep the DJI packs indoors and warm ready for use, my workshop has been crazy cold so it causes me issues if I want to use them quicklY, It’s arguable all year long if a smart battery has made them safer or not and that’s smart batteries across the board from drones to laptops but what they have done is made it safer for new users imo from a charging point of view by taking some of the complexity out of understanding voltage ect, however that’s not nessesary saying that’s a good thing because knowing how a lipo works is very important as chuck has stated and they are funny beasts at the bests of times, while rare you can do everything right and they can still go up for no apparent reason. Im sure you will be fine and post the pics if your not sure and we can take a look at the voltages and capacity’s, it won’t tell you that they are safe but we can say if they look fairly healthy. @chuck that’s a nice setup I need to do something like that my self tbh, when your dealing with that many packs is absolutely what needs to be done as you have said.
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    2017 DIY Drones Year in Review

    Yea they got that wrong, I’m a big Apple guy but why not just put up a warning and state it’s gooing to enter that lower performance mode and sugest getting the battery replace, well that’s how it will go now I guess, not sure how much TC would have know but Apple tend to close down in these situations then wait a bit before deciding their next move. But not handled well as many things often are not While talking CEOs and sorry for the digression but did anyone see the Intel CEO thing, if anyone has not noticed it appears Most CPUs are affected by this method of pre loading the CPU and these 2 specific issues that are now known but Intel were pushing it more than the others to gain performance benefits, anyhoo the Intel CEO in November sold every dime of stock he was allowed to and left him self the absolute minimum he was allowed in law to be a ceo, how is this not insider trading ? Just something hat caught my eye. anyway sorry for the OT can’t type well due to an accident yesterday so I wish all a great weekend.
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    2017 DIY Drones Year in Review

    CA does seem to have a Teflon suit but he is extremely articulate, intelligent and has the ability to make a difference, regardless of the final success of the product or company it’s hard not to admire both his personal success and what he has managed to achieve even if it did not last. I don’t think anyone could not call him a good guy overall, I think he is not a great CEO or business guy though, he needs a Tim Cook type of person like Steve Jobs did later at Apple to make the business end work.
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    stubborn P4 lens cover

    Yes this process was updated and changed with the introduction of the Mavic and P4 Pro series and DJI have made it the standard method now.
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    stubborn P4 lens cover

    Just try calibrating your RC sticks before you do anything not forgetting the camera tilt knob as well. You do this from with in DJI Go, if it’s still beeping try turning off object avoidance and the radar they are two different setting and see if it stops and go from there. Usually RC beeping is stick calibration but it could be picking something up from radar but the App usually makes the noises for that not the actual RC.
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    stubborn P4 lens cover

    Is the drone beeping, controller or app ? The P4 has object avoidance are you not hearing the warning picking up something in view ? Whats the radar showing ?
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    stubborn P4 lens cover

    Some of the methods are shows here that work, I forgot about the elastic band one
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    P4 Pro+

    If you get beeping on the RC recalibrate your RC sticks not forgetting the camera Rh knob, usually red light and beeping is a stick or knob not centre or off calibration, this can happen when new when things are a little stiff too.
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    stubborn P4 lens cover

    This can be tricky, the material is very thin so if you grip it your actually squeezing it tighter onto the thread, try using your palm on the front of the camera and twist. You need to grip the lens with out actually squeezing it into the thread.
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    Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

    Yea that would be great, Done meets are rare in my area, sadly the local clubs pretty much think we are evil and have destroyed everything, just not welcome at all sadly so it’s mostly a solo hobby. The Mavic is a great craft and I still don’t get over the fact you can carry a decent camera (yes modern smart phone equivalent) that can fly in a bag the same size as a low end DSLR, it’s not perfect and it’s got some quirks but overall probably the best Drone they have made overall, can’t comment on the Spark only flown one for a few minutes but not got to live with one but put the Mavic in sport mode and while it’s no racer it’s quick enough to get into trouble with as they all are.
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    Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

    On the filters there are many available, I recently tested some Freewell 4K Series ones to test and was very happy with them,plenty of reviews on YT of them as well as my own, some people reported some colour shift with them in the passed but I have not noticed any my self yet, you also have all the usual suspects like Polar Pro, you won’t go far wrong with either tbh. On the battery the Mavic won’t arm when the pack temperature is below 15C, ideal temp is 20-30c and basically if you take off between 15c and 20c then just hover a minute or two until it gets to 20, it won’t take long. Ideally try to keep the packs warm between charging and getting to the flight site, don’t let them chill as cold is a killer for all batteries, in general try to always fly a freshly fully charged battery, don’t fly a partly charged pack unless you have previously flown it that day from 100% and then be a little careful as once a pack had been used a bit and allowed to rest the remaining capacity can change rapidly and in rare cases miss report but this has mostly been solved with the Mavic now. Finally I set my discharge timer for 3 days so if you forget to use them or the weather changed they they self discharge to below 65% for you, don’t ever fly once this has started though, and also note that pressing the power button to check the capacity will reset this timer so if you set it to 3 days and checked it ever 2 it would not self discharge, it will get a little warm when it does so you can generally tell when it’s started.
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    Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

    Pretty much this craft sorts it’s self out, take some time to learn all of the setting and especially test the RTH and failsafe options and take the time to learn their exact behaviour, many issues come from what people believe the craft should do compared to what it actually does especially if your in a sticky situation. Test the RTH feature and make sure you understand how to turn it on and more importantly off when it’s already happening and overall just take it slow and get used to it, ot als has come limitations close to the HP too that need to be taken into account at times. Taking the time now could be the difference between getting your craft back and loosing it if the worst case happens. On the Mavic it’s self is take it easy on the new batteries try to not fly them below 50% for the first 10 flights it just seems to help with hem holding capacity over time, no great need to update the firmware out the box but if you do want to do it just ask or DJI have some good tutorials on this now as do others. Finally out the box setup I would calibrate the Radio Controller and the craft compass, do not do the IMU as that’s done at the factory, on the compass do this at a location well away from any metal or electric cables, in the middle of a large open area is ideal but also make sure you have no metal or things like smart watches on your person when you do it as well and then you should not need to calibrate it again unless promoted by DJI Go, also if you travel over 10km recalibtate agan too but tbh I have found upto 100 mile my self is ok but every situation is different. Finally the Mavic footage tends to benefit from +1 on the sharpness in camera settings and as the camera hands very loosely the key to great footage is slow smooth actions. Finally enjoy its a fantastic little craft.
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    Why should I start a drone business?

    A drone is a tool, nothing more and nothing less, its a method of getting data that all it is, and for many applications it’s not even the best method either. Many people go ohh drones I need to get In to that and that a fast route to failure, the guys who are successful are either the ones who got in early and are now established or are the ones who had a problem like how am I going to get that image or that data and the drone solved that problem. The aircraft its self can only make money if you know what to do with the data it collects, flying to just gather data and hand it over to someone else is a road to nowhere, over the years I have been in many industries and the key has allway been leveraging the expertees I already had and work out how that can be brought to the table in the new one, this is no different. This indistry from a general AP point of view has been in a race to the bottom with many commercial operators falling to the wayside after just 12 months, the guys who are surviving are the ones who offer a service that sets them apart, they are using their previous experience and expertees to offer a product or service that sets them apart, it don’t matter if it be mapping, general AP or agriculture you have to show you can do something the others can not, even if that’s just being good. Think how you can use your experience in construction to your advantage then decide how you can use that and offer something others don’t and something people want, and finally sometimes people don’t allways know what they want untill you show them too Good luck and I sincerely believe you will do well