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  1. The P4P has been taken out of production for some specific reasons and those are believed to be that the image sensor is no longer available, DJI have stockpiled enough to keep production of the lower volume RTK version going but here and now it’s believed this is the reason. This is the same cause the X4S has been dropped as well. As for will there there be a replacement it’s remains to be seen, the dev time needed to produce another camera for this model may not bring enough return now, this was one only camera in this size range with a mechanical shutter so it doe
  2. Usually that means the dealer has not registered the SN on the back end system at DJI.
  3. You rang lol. Ok the Agras is very different from any of the ususal models out there.The reason DJI provide very limited support is its meant to be all provided by the supplying dealer as I understand it. Op can you give some more info on the issue and what’s going wrong in the update, when and what’s the error ? If it’s the MG1-P or RTK then you can update via the App onboard via Wifi or Assistant 2 for Agras however this is not the same assistant as you have for mavic or the Inspire so make sure you are using this special assistant and not the common public one, this
  4. It is using the FLIR lepton that’s 160x120 but couples with the RGB I’m MSX it’s able to produce surprising a good images even in SAR applications. While it’s able to refined on 640 it’s never going to compare to the XT2 or Vue Models is that native resolution but it’s actially surprises many. One of the DJI Ent dealers has been posting tons of real world footage and its very usable in these scenarios, not going to say it’s the best tool but based on package size and cost it’s actually very capable. Here is one of them here
  5. Motor direction is set by ESC wirein usually and that’s all preset on the M600, are the correct arms in the correct places ?
  6. The Pilot App is now listed however it aspears it’s only for M2E today. I was told it would support the M200 and it’s been confirmed it will but the release today only has M2E support I’m being told . I cant confirm this my self but if you download it you can double check. Sorry the info info we were originally given was full support but it seems they have not put that in yet, this weeks things may have changed that.
  7. I’m not going to disagree with a lot there Av8 and just to be clear I am a CAA licenced commercial operator in the Uk with full PFCO Incliding having osc’s from the standard permission and I’m am also very affected by this my self due to the restriction with in congested areas. Iv I’ve spend a large part of the last 24 hours getting my head around what this means for my self and other comercial users in the Uk and helping them understand that and yes it’s far from ideal and it’s a bit of a nightmare but I’m also extremely experienced in product failure and very public issue like this, I
  8. Sorry about the bad packs, it’s possibly related but at this stage will have to wait for DJI to say more. Chuck I know your not a fan but why not let see what actually happens and what the acual cause is before getting the pitch forks ? Perhaps you may be less inclined the throw blame their way when the cause is released You never know. Your craft and many from all manufactures has components you use you nether made or made the firmware for so as with all things there are situations that may be out of your hands, they do mention there battery supplier in there statement so l
  9. Just as a last bit of info it should be in the App Store Friday and it has full M200 and XT support Stay safe.
  10. Ok Pilot for IOS is coming very soon, it’s to be launched alongside the new Mavic 2 Ent model, as I said. I had not heard any noises about it but that does not always mean anything , I would have betted no but it’s clear I’m not a good gambler lol. I appoligse for the crap info as I do try to abound that but all the noises I had was no. Hopefully it it will be here soon for you, what I can’t confirm is that it will have total compatibly for the XT2 but I don’t expect it not to at this stage, the only reason I say this is it’s been geared towards the new M2E but I wo
  11. Hold off on Android a minute. Possible incoming, that part where I said I may be wrong
  12. I would look at the Nexus as that’s as pure as Android gets. As as a final note I strongly suggest you make sure your craft and batteries are 100% updated to the latest firmware on the M200, if your at all not sure connect it to Assistant 2 and refresh the firmware with each set of packs fitted, I’m not saying you should always update however at this stage there has been some things with battery firmware that you need to make sure everything is the same.
  13. The basics are I would not expect to see the Pilot App it’s self for IOS. The M200 has been mostly aimed to be used with the crystalsky and that’s android based and any future custom devices will still be android based so IOS development on that I just don’t see coming as the hunger is just not there overall. CS works extremely well on Pilot and is a good option but if that’s not for you look at a good android tablet, Samsung I’m not too much a fan off because of the bloat they tend to add you can’t remove and prefer the cleaner nexus models. As I said I would not hold out
  14. Very nice well done. The Freewell ones are good filters.
  15. If your going to be doing mapping then go for the P4P as it’s got a mechanical global shutter that will improve accuracy slightly and just give better results. Both with provide near identical footage with the P4P just stepping a head in detail but it’s minor. As a drone for commercial use between the two of take the P4P as size should be less of an issue, but you won’t get far wrong with both.
  16. Hello and congrats I’m sure you will love it, take some time to read the Done Code and any questions just ask.
  17. Flying from any vessel brings a whole host of issues and considerations that need to be dealt with. 1: Metal Your crafts compass is going to be extremely affected by the mass of the ships hull, your going to need to try and take off as high as possible well away from the metal deck, also avoid calibrating the compass while on the ship, any prompt to do so it’s almost cerinsly driven by the ships mag field and as soon as you take off you going to get issues as you excpae from that. Be be well aware of what TBE is and be prepared to fly in Atti. 2: R
  18. Hay Taf , nice to see another Welshman.
  19. Yea it was nothing that really affected anything in the end, flying a camera drone with out a device makes it as much use as a chocolate fire guard.
  20. It’s not the sensor or the SOC that let’s the Mavic down it’s the codec, it’s got aaggresive NR and the codec is not at all making the best of its input especially at low light or repetting patterns. It was not as good the P4 from an image standpoint and that was a shame for many but in good light it was ok, lower light levels it really began to show limitations. The Air is looking like it’s really shinning in this area, I seen a lot of footage now and honestly I was very impressed, out the box in auto especially it’s looking great, much improved over the Mavic. I don’t believe
  21. Yea there are some versions that needs to be paired or at least passed a certain number with both to work. As Dave says post the screenshot as we can see where your at.
  22. Email Flysafe at DJI and they should be able to resolve this for you, but if it’s showing as a Red Zone there is nothing you can specifically do to get passed it your self other than getting flysafe to unlock it. just a note after reading you said you unlocked the area on the website did you then go online with the device to sync that unlock data to DJI Go ? If doing via website you just need to make sure that unlock endup at your smartdevice to unlock the craft that’s all. What Aircraft was this tbh as a matter of interest.
  23. That’s the number I was told currently and was informed the CAA state they have issueed about 5500 total permissions since conception. Now what I don’t know is if this takes into account multiple PIC on the same Ops Manual so there is possible some who are working under a larger companies permission but even so if that is a few hundred and I doubt it is it’s still a large number who have not re applied and it’s over a 5th.