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  1. Dave Pitman

    FAA Ramp Checks

    @Alan Perlman Keeping track of the items listed is certainly good practice. My comment is that except for the certificate, proof of currency, uas registration, and any other information specified in a COA is currently NOT listed in the chapter. It may be someday but not currently. Details do matter.
  2. Hi Dan, Everyone is out to build networks of uas ops these days. What makes SE Drone Tech stand out? Availability and compensation (media capture, travel, post production, etc) expected for those you choose to contract with? Thanks!
  3. Dave Pitman

    FAA Ramp Checks

    If true, I agree this is problematic. If I submit a manned flight plan, it is to enhance safety in the NAS for everyone. If by submitting a flight plan, that marked me as needing a ramp check, then I would think twice about filing one, even if I was trying to do everything correctly. If the FAA is using a LAANC request as a means to locate and check uas ops, they are going against what they have done in the past. Maybe they just don't know how to randomly check on uas ops, but this seems like a lazy and wrong approach to me. In addition, many of the factors listed in what they are checking may be "best practice", but are not currently included in the regulation and therefore the FAA rep has no basis for "verifying" them. Imagine being pulled over for a "courtesy stop" by local law enforcement and being asked to show your documentation for your advanced NASCAR approved driving training....huh?? Someone is definitely asleep at the switch here. What a shame.
  4. Dave Pitman

    Do Tethered Drones Fall Under Part 107?

    Since when has marketing language ever been misleading or blurred the lines of truthfulness? 😎 A tethered drone is treated the same as a non-tethered drone within the regulation.
  5. Dave Pitman

    Selling Brand New DJI Crystal Sky Monitor

    You think so? A 2000nit screen on an Android device would be used by countless tradesman from surveyors to who knows. Take that monitor that you linked to an drop in a nice processor running Android and I think it would have a market.
  6. Dave Pitman

    Selling Brand New DJI Crystal Sky Monitor

    Could have been a good device with standard Android and high end monitor ports. I find it amazing that Atmos or SmallHD hasn't stepped into this market.
  7. Dave Pitman

    Selling Brand New DJI Crystal Sky Monitor

    HDMI out only I believe.
  8. Dave Pitman

    Issues with automated authorizations

    That's the most important point. You found a much better LAANC access provider. ?
  9. Dave Pitman

    Mount Tom Fall shots

    Head's up. Check the OP post date..
  10. Dave Pitman

    Swing that zoom!

    Lighting kit. https://www.amazon.com/Lume-Cube-Lighting-Phantom-Advanced/dp/B01ENR56YK
  11. Dave Pitman

    New FAA Reauthorization Act and Educators

    I recently had a conversation with an FAA airspace authorization agent in DC. He's been working at the FAA for many years. I had requested an authorization to fly below the downwind leg of a surface class E airport (in a 0' grid on the AFM) where the airspace authority is the Navy. The operation is a fairly important inspection for the city. In my discussion with him I told him that if I were flying the downwind leg at 1300' agl, (which I have hundreds of times) and there was a uas flying at 50' agl, it would absolutely be no factor. He candidly replied that he agreed but the Navy would not allow it based upon the low training required for part 107. If there were a distinction for also being a current part 61 pilot, then he thought they would approve it. But there is not. He said the regs are the regs. But the fact remains that the over all situational awareness of operating in the NAS, especially near airports, is much less with a part 107 cert than any other pilot certification. Maybe eventually the FAA will add higher levels of uas certs so that agencies, like the Navy in this case, can have more confidence in granting approvals. Or, better yet, just writing regs for operations without the need for individual approvals at all.
  12. A major remodel while occupied is the most difficult for everyone. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do I guess. If what you want to do entails a large portion of the interior including the kitchen and baths, which it usually does, consider renting a place nearby if she needs to oversee the project and you need to work. I suspect you know all this, but there ya have it.
  13. Simple. You purchase the house elsewhere FIRST and move into it during the remodel. Everyone is happy, the builder, the wife, and therefore, you! Order of operation and timing is everything!
  14. Dave Pitman

    ULC Proposal to Ban Drones from Flying Below 200 Feet

    I kind of thought the same thing until I did a little digging. They are not just a bunch of hacks to be ignored and hope they go away... That's not happening no matter how much we might disagree with their ideal. They have the ear of lawmakers and "we" don't . Actually, spend a little time going through the documents and you'll find that Amazon and other industry powerhouses are opposed just like you are. Next? Guys, make no mistake. I'm not defending their position in any way. The small stuff that I do would most likely come to an end if something like this was passed nationwide. But just because we think it's unfair or nonsense isn't enough to slow it down and hopefully kill it. We can complain to each other til we're blue with no effect. That's all I'm saying.
  15. Dave Pitman

    City discriminates against drones

    @EP Lucas Here is some information you could share with the city regarding local jurisdictions attempting to regulate the NAS. They can regulate where you can "take-off and land". But they would most likely loose in court if they tried to cite someone for "flying over" . https://www.faa.gov/news/press_releases/news_story.cfm?newsId=22938 https://www.faa.gov/uas/resources/uas_regulations_policy/media/uas_fact_sheet_final.pdf