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  1. Hi Brian, Here are some operators near you. You might reach out to them for a quote. Sounds fun, good luck! https://dronepilotscentral.com/search/?geodir_search=1&stype=gd_place&s=+&snear=Boston%2C+MA&sgeo_lat=42.3600825&sgeo_lon=-71.0588801
  2. Are you not part 107 certified? Why wouldn't you fly the project yourself if you are responsible and going to be there anyway? Not that having someone with more experience is wrong, I'm just curious.
  3. The COAs do not actually say that you must be present, but it infers it. Using one of mine as an example, the language says: "Davd Pitman is the person designated as responsible for the overall safety of UAS operations under this COA. During UAS operations for on-site communication/recall, the Responsible Person shall be continuously available for direct contact.." You are definitely directly responsible for any operation under the COA, but you don't have to be the pilot. Then "The Responsible Person listed on this COA must maintain a current list of pilots by name and the remote pilot certificate number(s) associated with the COA holder’s operation." So we know that the holder of the COA does not necessarily need to be the PIC, but must be available onsite for contact by ATC if needed.
  4. I'm not sure why this board software can't handle editing very well. Sorry for the double post.
  5. DJI is stating that they are opposed to the USS element of RID in favor of broadcast only. I disagree with their policies often but agree this time. https://content.dji.com/we-strongly-support-drone-remote-id-but-not-like-this/?pbc=mF6h4ZTt
  6. Many groups over time loose those attributes that made them a good choice when they were younger. Why it happens? Probably a lot to do with human nature, I guess.
  7. Sounds like Josh is pretty concerned about the NPRM as written. (short response at 57:00 in the video)
  8. The GIS map displays FAA (federal) airspace as it relates to uas. Typically, NYC, or any other state or municipality, does not control the airspace. They regulate where you can take-off and land. But you are correct that it may be not be legal to operated in areas that this map shows no restrictions. This site has a dynamic list of areas by state. https://uavcoach.com/drone-laws/
  9. Absolutely. ATC through LAANC. Have a look at #5 https://www.faa.gov/uas/recreational_fliers
  10. @Alan Perlman@Chase Flynn | UAV Coach@Isabella | UAV Coach
  11. Glad it's sorted. Cables, sd cards, apps, smart device. All can be the source of problems in addition to the drone or rc and must be trouble shot. Look at all the experience you've gained!
  12. Why does UAV Coach let so much SPAM through and why does it take so long to be removed?
  13. GPS signal is not required for the drone to connect to the controller. If you move to another location and it hooks right up, it sounds like something is swamping your control signal.