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    well, probably with the raw image but not the posted jpg. Do you shoot with full frame for these?
  2. Excellent summary, Jonathon. While I don't work in that particular space, the concept is important and your VALUE proposition with repeat work and pricing is spot on. You could add another + to you list. The media buyer can see what they are getting up front and then decide rather than basing their decision on similar work = VALUE. Mahalo!
  3. Off hand, I don't know for sure. But I would just remove the mavic from your account and in the "reason" box enter the N number. You could confirm with UAShelp@faa.gov I have to say that it would make no sense to go to the trouble of getting an N number to replace the now typical FA3XXXXX number, IMHO.
  4. That's pretty basic stuff. For this: Just take a google satellite image and possibly a campus map and show exactly where you would like to operate and what you will be capturing. No need to make it complicated. BTW, it states 14 days prior but maybe they told you something else.
  5. William, You keep mentioning 90 prior approval but you don't say who you need approval from. If it's not controlled airspace, you don't need any approval from the FAA. If you need approval from the University to operate from their property, they should help you out with the process. I suspect they don't want to see what software you'll use, what your exact flight path will be and what color shirt you will wear. They will want to know location, altitude and operation time beginning and ending is my guess.
  6. I would ask the university for an example of what they want. What state or local laws restrict flight over the campus? Or is it "operating from" that requires their approval?
  7. Kamal. Your agent or whatever is getting you confused. Maybe this will help. You can establish a drone company and not be FAA certificated yourself. You could simply hire operators that have earned their part 107 certificate. So the company itself holds no certificate. However. every individual your company hires to operate drones must hold a certificate. If you are operating for your company, you must hold a certificate. Your certificate, or the certificate of any employee operator do not belong to the company. It's the same way with manned aviation. When a pilot flies for an airline, the pilot's certificate is in their respective name. They earn it and the airline does not have a pilot's certificate in their name. Hopefully this makes it easier for you and who ever is your "professional" adviser to understand. Best of luck.
  8. You are certificated, not any entity. Is your driver's license issued in the name of your company? Nope. Same with pilot/operator certification.
  9. The easiest way would probably be to use Airdata.com It will plot your flight and also let you download a .kml to use in other software. Free and paid options available.
  10. I was considering applying for a spot but I'm booked for the time frame. How many applicants did you get?
  11. That is pretty basic and you should have no problem. Still images are geo-tagged and the a gps track is recorded on the video clips in the subtitle track.
  12. https://commercialdronepilots.com/threads/contractors-wanted-aerial-alchemy.1758/
  13. The RP would be the one to determine if they were qualified to act as RPIC. If, for example, they signed on to the gig and had no idea how to operate the particular craft and something went wrong, they would definitely be in the soup. The client can ask for whatever they want. The certificate holder is the one that has a decision to make. It is kind of interesting (silly) that Corp.FL (whatever that is) has some kind of program going on that involves sUAS, yet don't bother getting their experienced "pilot" a proper certification.
  14. Nothing too fancy needed. Caged prop-guards. I suspect they will be widely available once approved.
  15. Unfortunately the gimbals still have horizon drift. Chuck, where is "the field" located?
  16. Thanks for the follow-up Bill. Yeah, it's unfortunate that most underwriters are taking this approach for now. Operating drones is nothing like the automobile model. Sometimes the job requires that you have a couple of camera options that may need to be carried by different craft. Then, there is the back up craft needed in case of any issues. The underwriter happily charges you for each distinct craft. It is unfair and I'm not buying it. Especially when the same underwriter will cover my operation with any craft in the weight class for a single rate. At some point, the hourly rate would get too expensive if you're operating a lot. Hopefully there is enough push back or another underwriter steps in with annual policies that make more sense and breaks this mess up. Good Luck!
  17. Since I don't operate full time, I have been using Verifly, by the hour. It is also underwritten by Global. My problem with most of the annual policies thus far is that they require a premium for each drone, whether or not it just a backup or whatever. By comparison, Verifly covers my operation no matter which of my drones is in use (one at a time of course).
  18. Sometimes with the FAA, the answer isn't clear, but the others are clearly not the answer. It would be interesting to hear precisely how the question is worded and the available answers. No one has posted that yet.
  19. Nice Job, Chris. Probably the best evaluation I've seen. I already have the Skyreats for my Pro camera but I also have a zoom camera for my M2 and it looks like I'll stick with the same for it.
  20. It's not going to be a new bird. Simply the same model with Ocusync 2 instead of Lightbridge 2.whatever. Just like the P4P V2 Also the Cendence upgrade to Ocusync 2. As per standard DJI, no backward compatibility.
  21. @Alan Perlman Keeping track of the items listed is certainly good practice. My comment is that except for the certificate, proof of currency, uas registration, and any other information specified in a COA is currently NOT listed in the chapter. It may be someday but not currently. Details do matter.
  22. Hi Dan, Everyone is out to build networks of uas ops these days. What makes SE Drone Tech stand out? Availability and compensation (media capture, travel, post production, etc) expected for those you choose to contract with? Thanks!
  23. If true, I agree this is problematic. If I submit a manned flight plan, it is to enhance safety in the NAS for everyone. If by submitting a flight plan, that marked me as needing a ramp check, then I would think twice about filing one, even if I was trying to do everything correctly. If the FAA is using a LAANC request as a means to locate and check uas ops, they are going against what they have done in the past. Maybe they just don't know how to randomly check on uas ops, but this seems like a lazy and wrong approach to me. In addition, many of the factors listed in what they are checking may be "best practice", but are not currently included in the regulation and therefore the FAA rep has no basis for "verifying" them. Imagine being pulled over for a "courtesy stop" by local law enforcement and being asked to show your documentation for your advanced NASCAR approved driving training....huh?? Someone is definitely asleep at the switch here. What a shame.
  24. Since when has marketing language ever been misleading or blurred the lines of truthfulness? 😎 A tethered drone is treated the same as a non-tethered drone within the regulation.
  25. You think so? A 2000nit screen on an Android device would be used by countless tradesman from surveyors to who knows. Take that monitor that you linked to an drop in a nice processor running Android and I think it would have a market.