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  1. Chuck could you give me your thought process for choosing ContextCapture? I've had another gentleman recommend it to me. Thanks! Brett
  2. OK, I've actually got 2 kids so my dog is only 0.5 kids.
  3. Impressive model! Do you know if there is any downside to using ContextCapture in nadir mode of data collection? I am looking more for a both hands on wheel type of a software solution as opposed to a black box that does some of the decision making on its own.
  4. Hello All, Just joined. I am an engineering geologist and I work on dam safety in CA. We have 11 earthen dams, one of which straddles an actively creeping fault (about 1/2 inch / yr). We also have a large facility on an active landslide. So lots to keep me busy. Am in the process of acquiring a drone and sensors (LiDAR, cameras) and processing software and a right sized pc that doesn't keep me waiting for deformation monitoring and geological mapping. Trying to make the right decisions now to hopefully save me headache down the road. I've just joined and I've already gotten some great feedback from members. I started surveying in high school, worked as an underground mine surveyor, a seismic surveyor in Latin America, scuba instructor in the Bahamas and Haiti, geologist for the USGS, geodetic engineer for UNAVCO, several roles for Trimble and SiRF and now engineering geologist. I've got 2.5 kids (ok a dog) and a live in a nice home the bank owns! Thanks!
  5. Yeah, this is clearly not my money! My newest car is a 2004!
  6. Here is a recommendation I got for the workstation- 12 core CPU (Fast) 16 or 32 GB of system RAM (DDR 4 or higher) NVIDIA Graphics card with at least 4 to 8 GB of RAM on the card At least 500GB to 1TB SSD as your primary drive and then a secondary 2 to 4TB SATA drive to dump to for backup, etc.
  7. Thanks for the great info! Microdrones have already been out to visit us and collected some test data. They are going to return soon and do it again. We are also looking at PulseAero Vapor55. Yeah, the money adds up fast. Our driving force is safety, deformation monitoring. We have several earthen dams that don't meet today's standards for seismic stability. One straddles a creeping fault (14mm/yr). I spoke with a gentleman from southern Utah who told me he prefers ContextCapture over Pix4d. I think he said he did some comparisons between the two and found he got better results with the Bentley product. We will probably base most of our work on lidar data but we also have projects where the imaging is required. For the LiDAR we are looking at the Reigl VUX-1.
  8. Thanks! I can buy the PC to fit the requirements of the software. I've heard good things about programs that were old school photogrammetry solutions scaled to drone use. I'll be laying out GCP's and a GPS base station to try to nail the accuracy. I have ESRI GIS so their solution may be a good way to go. -Brett
  9. Hello All, I am new to this thread but am interested if anyone has done a comparison of the pro's and con's of the different photogrammetry software packages available? To be honest I haven't read this thread in it's entirety so I apologize if I missed it here. My criteria are fast and accurate. I am using it for deformation monitoring of earthen dams. I may use Structure from Motion processing as well as LiDAR data sets. I've looked at Trimble Inpho, Agisoft Photoscan, Pix4D, Context Capture (Bentley), and SimActive's 3D Correlator. Thanks! Brett