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  1. Heights Aerial Media

    Naming your drone services

    Great way to think about it, thanks for the tip.
  2. Heights Aerial Media

    Naming your drone services

    Hi guys, Here is a hurdle a ran into while re-doing my website, very curious to see who can give a really good answer but I have been breaking my head over this. With the variety of services you can offer its tough sometimes to name all of them. So my site has specific services like real estate photography, but how do you separate them so that you cover everything but are not too specific so that you appeal to both commercial and residential. It also does not help there are 10 ways to name the same service like "aerial photography", "drone photography", "UAV photography". Am I over thinking this? this is my site www.heightsaerialmedia.com
  3. Heights Aerial Media

    Luxury Home Before and After!

    Did this before and after of a luxury property in Westfield New Jersey. We have experience shooting real estate photography in New Jersey was not too difficult to capture this property. The high altitude shots did not make the cut because the contractor wanted to highlight the landscaping and kitchen area. The front of the property was beautiful but had some missing touches so I could not highlight some features I would of liked to. Overall though was a great project with beautiful craftsmanship.
  4. Heights Aerial Media

    Filming an opulent home

    Thank you, appreciate the feedback.
  5. Heights Aerial Media

    Pool with a View(Construction progress)

    Currently doing a aerial construction progress with a pool contractor, this pool is going to be stunning. Not to mention the view that is going to come with it. I have done a couple of jobs with this company already but this is a favorite hands down! These are one of my preferred drone services NJ because it really captures the hard work that goes into construction.
  6. Heights Aerial Media

    Filming an opulent home

    Thank you, I agree less is more. I think 1-2 minutes is the sweet spot, that is pretty much what I offer and so far clients are happy.
  7. Heights Aerial Media

    Filming an opulent home

    Believe it or not its incomplete inside, the property has been vacant for 10 years ?
  8. Heights Aerial Media

    Filming an opulent home

    This was one of the first very opulent home we were able to film. Have to say I really enjoy doing real estate work more than I thought. You can make some decent money if you get a couple of shoots a week. Heights Aerial Media offers 24-hour turn around time on New Jersey aerial photography. Realtors were very satisfied with our work. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. Heights Aerial Media

    Future drone jobs

    Imagine all the developing drone technologies on the horizon, imagine how new technology will tie into everyday life? Imagine drones delivering packages, with all the possibilites of drones enhancing every tasks, makes you wonder what jobs are going to be created to manage all these applications. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6359118060716126208
  10. Heights Aerial Media

    NJ drone meetup

    We will be attending this flying, very cool location. They host many cool events and I was shocked that the admin of this group was able to get this location!
  11. Heights Aerial Media

    Am I reading this correctly?

    Happens to me all the time!
  12. Heights Aerial Media

    Am I reading this correctly?

    Looking through a job forum for drones and found this
  13. Heights Aerial Media

    Laguna Salada de Torrevieja

  14. Heights Aerial Media

    Altitude drop with my P4

    You might want to check your downward facing vision sensors
  15. Heights Aerial Media

    Roof mapping tip

    Roof assessment we did recently for a nice condominium with a rooftop terrace. Just want to pass this tip along to any pilots out there that are also doing roof assessments. This roof had a lot going on! Something you have to keep in mind is that some sections of the roof will not be visible depending on the angle of the which is important if that is a significant area of the roof. Try to get close to the areas that could be blocked out by an erected structure. https://imgur.com/5g6uMRX