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  1. Any thoughts regarding the PPA's Drone Photographer certification? Have any of you pursued this cert, and if so do you feel it was worthwhile? Feedback/experiences about the PPA in general?
  2. Okay. No arguing that this drone is really cool. However, after a lot of recent product research (i.e. shopping), it seems that the community consensus was that the camera was the Mavic Pro's weak point. Quieter and longer flight time is super cool, but now I'm in an even bigger quandary on my first "grown up" drone. Hmm...
  3. Hi all! I am new to drone piloting - only a few days' experience with low end consumer (toy) drones.However, I am extremely intrigued by the industry, and interested in pursuing at least a side business in the drone field. Mapping with DroneDeploy (or Maps Made Easy) seems like a great way to differentiate myself from other regional drone service providers.Since I am a new pilot, I am considering purchasing a refurbished Phantom 3 Standard ($400 USD) to practice flying and filming with. However, that model is not supported by DroneDeploy (or MME also I believe).The least expensive DD-supported
  4. Practicing my flight techniques, flying for pleasure, and shooting recreational video around my property and neighborhood. Also learning if I like the hobby enough to upgrade to a more serious drone. This drone is the new Altair Aerial AA108. Features include 3 speeds, altitude hold, headless mode, 720p camera, FPV via smartphone app, and 8-10 min flight time. The drone is from a new US company based out of Nebraska. Corresponded with the co-founder this morning via email - expecting great customer service from this pair of owners. Review that swayed me to buy: https://www.
  5. Hi all. I am a brand new drone pilot. In doing research for my first drone purchase, I became interested in future UAV related business opportunities. Will check back in after my first flight when my drone arrives next week!