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  1. Hello Jay...if you're looking for some editing help...let's talk....give me a call at 623.251.5200 . ...lnldroneviews.com ....Lou Cangelosi
  2. When a potential client is on a fact finding mission or price shopping, it has been helpful when I remind them that there is more than one component that comprises a drone service. When they hire a drone service they are getting a pilot, the craft a photographer and an editing service. Those services can be priced out individually so the client can see exactly where the costs of said services are applied. I have had success pricing my services in separate catagories. The cost of hiring a pilot and craft can be one rate dependent upon the mission request. If photography is desired, I have separate rates for stills vs video. And if the client needs the footage edited, there is a separate hourly rate for that service. I found compartmentalizing the services not only helps the potential client understand the rates and reasons for same but helps them determine which said services they really need based upon their mission request and budget.