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  1. Drones, Helicopters, Aeroplanes, Jet all offer different services, we cant say that what Drone can do Helicopters cant, and what Helicopters do Drones cant.. It means think of it - Drones - No mans land, while to run Helicopters need human being. Well it all depends on the work functionality military uses drones for vivid functionality but we cant use drones as the military uses in our every day life... there are restrictions.
  2. A few months ago to one of my friends wedding I suggested the benefits of drone technology that youngsters become Drone photographers and I think many youngsters are enjoying this professional Wedding Aerial Drone Photography. So lets see the drone future, but It grow and day is not far when every family looking to buy drones for many purposes, specially ease to do business.
  3. hi I am Liam, love the technology and I think the future becomes more advance like what we see in the movies. I am thank ful to be part of this community, love the drones shared here and love the technology involve in it.
  4. I love the technology specially I love the Todays latest technology and have my own online drone store

    I think world in near future will change a lot and because of it we need to change. Every thing in near future comes with the help of technology.