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  1. My goal is to eventually end up with a Mavic (or whatever competitor is around by the time I do my next overseas trip). But for right now, I am happily learning the ins and outs of flying drones. I started with a first drone of a Holy Stone 120, as it was the least-expensive drone that got decent reviews, was inexpensive, and had FPV After a few hiccups getting the FPV to work, I am very happy with the 120. Easy to fly, reliable, etc. BUT . . . -Only 80 yards max range -Okay 2 mb camera -about 8 minutes flight time But for about $80 USD, not a bad starting
  2. Update. The problem was finally diagnosed. The Holy Stone drones do not play nicely with Android phones. They work well with some of them and not with others. No correlation between age of phone, quality (ie, price), wireless speed etc and working or not working. On the other hand; it does work well with iPhones. In a follow-up to Holy Stone customer service (after I tested my drone with about 8 Android phones and 2 iPhones), they admitted that this is a known bug. So, I'd highly recommend the HS drones if you have an iPhone. But crazy to take a chance if you have an Androi
  3. Chuck, No problem. You'll notice that I was not whining about the Holy Stone customer service. Merely asking for advice . . . in case someone had had an issue getting a camera to work. Toy or professional drone--the mechanics are the same, in terms of transferring a digital image to a memory card. (I'll point out that the customer service has been remarkably good at HS. They sent me a second drone, gratis, with a promise to send me a 3rd one as well, if the second one cannot be made to work.) Thanks for the link to the Burbank group. But they're not at all what I'm looking
  4. I am brand new (almost) to drone flying. I'm a serious photographer, so my aim is to get the Mavic once I have some experience with more basic (cough: cheaper) drones. For this, I got the Holy Stone HS 120, which was inexpensive, but with a video/still camera and first-person view (FPV) capacity. 1. First step: Got the kit via Amazon, and set it up. Drone flies just fine. But when I take a photo or video with the remote control, the control makes the "sound" of a photo being taken, and makes the proper sound (repeated beeping) that a video is being taken. But when I remove th