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  1. Thought I would share this to go with the Use case : Just a fantastic testimonial from our client in Ireland, Where he was it was not raining but than he noticed some drops coming down on him.
  2. We did switch to a stronger 3M adhesive , let me know your order name or email and or the date you purchased. Maybe you can email me at Our phantom 4 pro has just passed over 100 flights in the pouring rain with the Wet Suit. But there were times when we had to tack it down again , but we would not use cement just a light spray was needed on the leg covers. coal
  3. They had no plans on making Wet Suits for the Mavics until we realized that the battery compartment was like a koi pond. After just 4 minutes in the pouring rain we had rain inside the battery , so in order to keep up with the Phantom 4 wetsuits they went ahead and sealed up the Mavics so you can fly in the rain.
  4. Thought we share this , as it shows off the new Wet Suits for the Mavic 2 zoom, and pro
  5. Hi, sorry for the delay : its been almost 6 months since are launch and we have sold over 5000 units world wide I might add. We do have a warranty in place that is based off the DJI flight report. We let DJI make the call. So far no call have been made. We engineered and designed a Surge Ring now that protect the Gimbal ring , we made it .55mm thinner and just a bit tighter The Neoprene has had no effect on the GPS signal at all this is do to its being only 1.7mm thin , As far as the rain on the sensors , the sensors do not as you already guessed do not affect the
  6. We launched a new Product for the Love or are PHANTOM 4 that we call the Phantom Rain Wet Suit and enables you fly your Drone in any adverse weather conditions. We have an incredible response and are continuing to improve the system . All those who help support by purchasing the unit are entitled to any free upgrades . We are currently working on an inflatable surge mask that will help float the drone when it is in a 90 degree angle. We have also posted a 26 minutes of the drone in a torrential downpour. We took everything that DJI did to make it water resistant and we im