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  1. Clearly this was a result of poor leadership. To have that much cash infused, and take such a large workforce by surprise with an "effective immediately" shutdown! This wasn't a product/hardware competition problem. This was a problem with mismanagement of funds and poor leadership to the employees that believed in their vision. Sad deal.
  2. I would say that a crucial piece is Lead/Project Management Software. Knowing what you need to work on this week, and what projects are coming in your pipeline is a very important piece. That's what separates real businesses from 'hobby' businesses. A spreadsheet or scratched piece of paper may be sufficient to get started, but certainly not enough to scale up.
  3. Very interesting method. It is definitely labor intensive up front, but I'm sure it will have huge returns once you build a reputation in a certain market and start to see repeat/referral customers that come from the work you put in on this process. Then you just need a good software to track all your bids that are in process, scheduled flights, etc. to stay on top of all the workload. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Great point that you bring up here... The sole proprietor pilots that are 'early' on the scene right now probably don't see a big enough pain in lead management that they have demanded a solution from the market yet. And small businesses are always the hardest to convince to shell out some money for a fancy new 'solution' that they don't deem 100% necessary. But lets say that the improved efficiencies of lead management help you close just 2 or 3 more leads in a month (lets pretend that value is $200 per lead, so $600 per month more) and the tool that makes this possible costs only $100 per month, that is an incredible ROI! I have seen an extremely similar situation in the real estate investing world which I am well acquainted with. Small business owners get trapped with slow growth as they work inefficiently, but once they finally realize that buying tools to streamline the process is worth it, suddenly their 'small business' can take off at scale. Yes, it looks like it might still be a bit early to provide solutions like this, but I think it's time that development starts happening to help this 'front end' of drone business management. This is all quite exciting to me, I will see what I can do with this!
  5. My name is Carson, from beautiful southern Utah. Been flying drones for a long time, but pretty new to this forum. Coming from another industry, I'm often surprised at how much I see people talking about the 'back end' of drone business but rarely the 'front end' of capturing, tracking, and closing leads. Especially managing their upcoming pipeline and business projections. Have any of you found amazing solutions that I'm somehow missing? I'd love to hear how you stay organized and manage your lead pipelines. *note* I am a CRM (customer relationship management) admin and designer by trade. So I've actually decided to get busy building a custom solution for this since I don't see any good ones available. Once I have that refined a bit more, I'll share info about it here for others that may want to improve this front end aspect of running your drone businesses.
  6. Love that hustle! From what I've seen, far too many people are pushing that idea that a drone business is all about flying and processing data, but no one is really talking about the prospecting and lead management side of things which has to be a top priority for any service business. do you @L&L DRONE VIEWS have a specific 'recipe' or pipeline process when you do this type of prospecting, or are you literally just going out and looking for local construction sites with possible opportunities?