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  1. On the recent Carr fire, emergency response teams used 360 panoramas for a rapid visualization tool. They are definitely a nice, intuitive tool that complements 2D and 3D mapping. You can see the public link from the city of Redding of the results for yourself. Carr Fire 360 imagery from City of Redding GIS
  2. Hi Dave, We are actually trying to capture the variation in the foliage across latitudes, so its great if the trees have already lost their leaves in northern areas or even if folks are in the tropics. The variation is the interesting part. his is not a Hangar promotion. We chose the Hangar 360 app primarily because it does the processing of the panos for people, rather than some of the other apps that will collect the raw images, but then you need Gigapan or something else to process. We were trying to keep it as dead simple as possible. Its a joint citizen science initiative between a couple of companies, universities, and any volunteers who want to help. The University of California GIF lab ( is going to plot all the submissions. We will continue to take submissions for the next few weeks. Greg
  3. Hi All, Please forward on to pilots, teachers, or students who might be interested in contributing to this citizen science experiment. It’s late October and that means Halloween candy, changing leaves, and wool sweaters to many in the northern hemisphere. It’s also time to get out to fly drones with the launch of the Fly4Fall campaign, a worldwide initiative to crowd-source science. The goal of Fly4Fall is a biogeographic survey of autumn plants everywhere (forests, prairies, deserts and more) to measure plant phenology. The project is asking for volunteer drone pilots to collect data points from the poles to the equator, in places where leaves have already dropped or spring is coming or where they are green all year. Fly4Fall is free and totally voluntary. Open to anyone with a DJI drone and an iOS device. Download the free Hangar 360 for DJI app on an iPhone/iPad. Collect a panoramic at 100 m (300ft) over vegetation located in safe areas to fly (i.e. not national parks or near airports). Here is an example. Do as many spots as you like. Email the links to the team to plot on a master map and reveal what the drone community can do! Detailed instructions can be found at This is a joint initiative with private drone companies, schools, universities and a growing number of partners...including you! Questions can be directed tot Sincerely, Gregory Crutsinger Drone Scholars