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  1. My big boy the Matrice 600! I fly super secret top notch missions for myself and all those I come across needing stealthy AirPower to save the day! Nighttime operations get a little dicey sometimes like when I lifted my ex’s truck out of his dad’s yard. Some lighting would make for a more fabulous adventure! Who needs a shady tow truck company at 3am? Not me when I’ve got my well-lit Matrice 600!
  2. Hello! Does anyone have any experience with Drone Simulators? I'd like to purchase one to improve my flight skills without possibly sacrificing one of my actual sUAS babies! I've looked into Zephyr and RealFlight. Anyone love either of those or have a different recommendation? Just passed Part 107 with a 93% so its time to log some hours and hit the ground running! Thanks!
  3. Seems like there isn't much information about this anywhere. Are you starting an advertising business?
  4. Thank you Av8Chuck, I appreciate your feedback! I will be applying for a BVLOS waiver soon...I've also heard that the FAA is working on streamlining the waiver process in the near future, thankfully. My mission is top secret but I will share my results once I complete this project! I did talk to DJI customer service and they felt that the M600 would be able to handle 8lbs for that distance but of course could not guarantee that to me. With the M200 I'd have to reduce weight to 4.5lbs according to them. Do you have any other alternatives in mind? Rest assured I will not be attempting thi
  5. Hi Everyone! I'm a student here studying for Part 107! Hope everyone's doing well : ) I'm interested in getting some feedback about my options for buying a drone with specific specs for a project I'm working on. OK so here it goes: Carrying capacity of up to 8-10 lbs Transmission distance at least 3 miles Ability to fly at least 6 miles roundtrip I have been looking at the DJI Matrice 200 & 600 but I'm sure there are alternatives out there...just don't know enough about all of the different manufacturers yet! I suppose a fixed wing UAV would also be an option. I r