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  1. It was uncontrolled airspace. I just checked with the airport manager to advise them. Thanks for the insight. This is all very new to me and I don't want to risk my license.
  2. I recently did a shoot for a client near a small local airport with no tower and informed the manager that I needed to perform a drone operation in the nearby airspace. They gave me approval so I did my shoot. On my B4Ufly app it does not show any airspace class for the airport. My DJI go app gave no fly zone message and let me perform the operation after authorization. There are also many private airfields near me as I am in a rural area mostly farmland for crop dusters. I had to use and I found the contact info. For these types of airstrips do I need a waiver or just contact and get approval? Are these ghost airports?
  3. I'm a photographer with 20 years of experience and recently started flying drones to expand my business. I've passed my Part 107 and have received my temporary certificate. I purchased a Mavic Pro to use as my first UAV platform.