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  1. There are literally several if you google photography tutorials. Toms's Tech Time, on You tube. Tony Northrop is a good one. DPreview5d i think its called. No film school is another one, mostly for video. All of these are relevant.
  2. You need to do more! For one most realtors have no idea on the 107. That is something they don't care about minus their liability for negligently hiring the kid on his skateboard. For starters you need to show them your work. It always boils down to your work and what your end product is. You have a Yuneec Typhoon, not a bad system, but so what? What makes you different than the thousand other people in Houston who have Typhoons, Phantoms, Mavics and other like platforms? Also what are you providing? Ok you get some various elevated shot angles of a house. The realtor probably o
  3. This is straight out of the Remote Pilot Study Guide. "In most cases, a remote pilot will not need ATC authorization to operate in Class E airspace." also The primary airport(s) within the TRSA become(s) Class D airspace. The remaining portion of the TRSA overlies other controlled airspace, which is normally Class E airspace beginning at 700 or 1,200 feet and established to transition to/ from the en route/terminal environment. TRSAs are depicted on VFR sectional charts and terminal area charts with a solid black line and altitudes for each segment. The Class D portion is chart
  4. Hmm. usually the FSDO is generally good about working with state agencies, especially the state Emergency Management office. In fact I am quite surprised that this office does not already have a direct line with the appropriate higher ups at the FAA. It seems like for other than drone stuff, FAA coordination is paramount when dealing with the state EM agencies during national emergencies. I would be persistent with the FSDO. I do know from the inside, that the FAA going through a major staff realignment. They are doing away with the Regional Offices and giving the local FSDO's more direct
  5. I started a drone company 6+ years ago in New Mexico. I am lucky enough to have been able to break into the closed set film and TV production world with my two partners. This occurred due to timing and being the first on our area to specialize in this. If we started now, we would not be where we are at. It was a bit easier to break in the scene as an early adopter, but the door is a very narrow entry now. You have to pretty much be established in the industry to get in. I Built several different kit systems and modified them to handle variety of payloads, back when a 5.2K RAW camera
  6. That makes sense. I am not aware if the ECOA's wavered LOS ops. I would check with the Vegas FSDO, see if they can get you in touch with the higher ups.
  7. The person you want to talk to to get information from the FAA is your local Flight Standards District Office in Las Vegas. Google Las Vegas FSDO and it should have the contact info. That would be your best bet going agency to agency and bypassing public common numbers. To be honest as a state agency you guys could be bypassing 107 all together and operate on a Public COA which is more involved on the front in, but could set up procedures on the back end that make it less intrusive to doing 107 and the waiver process.
  8. The FAA did not explicitly say it. But they issued an internal memorandum for their ATC facilities not to give out authorizations and that it must be coordinated by the headquarters. Now as a pilot if they did give you an authorization verbally. I would accept it as they are violating their own internal rules. However, just know its not the proper procedure for the system. The reason they did this is because they wanted to in some way, albeit not perfectly establish some sort of standardization on how s
  9. I don't think you do need permission. For one there is no option for it under the ATC COA portal, there is only SFC-E. You can't even request like Class E to 700 or 1200. If you ctrl-F Class E in the 107 "big document," all the references are just for boundaries of surface areas of Class E at airports. My thought is that they would have explicitly stated just simply Class E and not E to the surface. I think the rationale is that E to surface at an airport would expect a higher volume of IFR traffic coming into altitudes that would put the remote aircraft closer to traffic. IFR traff
  10. I think one of the challenges of running a UAS company is getting away from the mentality of being a UAS business and more of end product service provider that offers a full spectrum of services beyond the flying system. When I started 7 years ago it was all about the drone. That was for the exact same reasons AV8Chuck mentioned. You could not just get one that was easy to fly and ready to go with some minimal setup. You were soldering and integrating components to try to piece together a reasonable platform to do a job. You did not have to be an engineer. However, you needed to have som