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  1. Hi Ginterpark, I'm not familiar with your airspace, but I believe if you check restrictions on an app like Airmap, and check day of for any TFRs (temporary flight restrictions) at https://tfr.faa.gov/tfr2/list.html you can feel confident that you are flying legally. I would also check, just through google, if there are drone restrictions in your state parks, because it sounds like some of those sites might be designated as parks? This way too, if you are approached by law enforcement, you have these resources to show them that you did your research. However, I believe the FAA does state y
  2. Has anyone had a chance to fly near the San Carlos, CA Airport? I usually use airmap to check before my flights and for this flight I have a "0" but the website for the airport mentions calling the tower if within 5 miles. Which takes precedence? I'd love to know your experience if you have successfully flown in the area.