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  1. Going through some of this myself, I can offer the following: Payment Terms: Typically this is a statement from the customer that speaks to their cost accounting structure and as such, is typically non-negotiable other than to negotiate penalties for late payment. Copyright Fees: This should be a negotiable point from your position. However, something to consider is whether any of the product is of value to you. Outside of portfolio uses, it has little value to you when all is said and done. Your potential client sees the product as something they have purchased and considers this to be standard contract language and may be unwilling to negotiate. The company will probably view some (if not all) the content as proprietary and worth protecting from competitors. Perhaps a better tactic would be to ask the client for specific clips that you could use to promote your company at no charge. Contractor Rate: This is easily remedied by NOT establishing a contractor rate. Offer a standard processing markup over the contractor's rate and provide invoices/quotes to the company for approval prior to proceeding with the work. Output: While this is determined largely by WHAT your shooting and the light conditions, 1080p60fps should be a base minimum. Always shoot at the highest resolution possible for the conditions. It's not always possible to shoot at 4K at dusk or sunrise. I assume this is a long-term contract of at least a year or more and technology will advance providing better resolutions and faster processors allowing you to improve upon your product. As far as video format, I would survey the customer and find the format that they are comfortable with, be it something universal or Apple/PC/etc. specific. Your goal should be to provide the highest quality product possible for the compensation received. As a contractor, it is your responsibility to find the efficiencies within your service and processes to provide a superior product at the best value...not necessarily the lowest price.