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  1. infrared, A couple of us state employees are gearing up to map 2700 acres with a phantom 4 equipped with a $200 set of RUGO lights. We can see our bird at 3500' with the lights in strobe mode. Since your matrice is larger and has a greater payload you could mount two sets of these lights and likely see it at almost a mile away. We've determined that we can fly the 2700 acres, while keeping the bird in sight, in two long days. 20 sq miles is 12800 acres, so i estimate you could complete the work in less than 5 days, IF you have lights mounted and enough batteries, w a portable honda c
  2. My state agency really likes the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. I don't understand why so many have a problem with UAVs made in China. A sign of a amateur is putting politics over using the best tool for the job. It should be about obtaining the best data for the clients. I see a great advantage in the FAA making people pay $150 biennially, as it will eventually run some of the amateurs out of this business. Course, an amateur won't hesitate to fly un certified...
  3. Ross, I'm a mapping remote pilot with the state of Nevada. I found your nvdi post fascinating and really appreciated your equipment comments. I'm impressed with the extent of your knowledge and flight experience. I'd really like to get your advice on some RGB camera settings. Would you please email me at Ken
  4. A pilot in our Nevada state agency flew a maps made easy automatic mission. He didn't plan a large enough area and we ended up with this data blow, the concrete tower, after we processed the collection of JPGs into a mosaic. the feature is near the edge of the mosaic area. I'd appreciate any suggestion on how I might fix this blow.
  5. Very interesting Richard. Thanks for the more detailed info for painting; those are the colors we'll use; saves our hassle to experiment. This is the first I heard about the firefly log files having a date & time code; I couldn't discern a pattern with a collection of log files. I better examine them again. Great idea to set up an artificial barrier, like the hay bale stacks at our test area, to test what happens with and without a repeater in the air. We'll do it over some soft landing spot. You've been really helpful and I know our hydrology section will have more questions for me about
  6. FYI for the BVLOS-interested folks. There are presently 23 approved BVLOS [part 107.31] waivers. That's out of approx. 2,000 submitted 107.31 applications. People would have better odds playing blackjack... Here I am writing a bvlos app for the gov. The latest approved waiver, for the oil co in Texas, is not, yet, posted on the FAA website. Does anyone in the community know any details about that waiver, which is to fly a UAV, that exceeds 55 lbs, fly over oil fields. Richard, thank you posting that informative note. Good tip about painting it bright red and mounting the antenna up high
  7. Great! I just used the skyvector link to evaluate the 8 areas within Nevada MoAs. We'll submit for the one area that has an MoA floor of 14,000 AGL and consider the 3 that have a floors of 200'. I don't feel comfortable about flying BVLOS at 200'. The remaining 4 have floors of 100'; not worth trying to fly those BVLOS. Thank you! We have several BVLOS-candidate areas within hilly areas. Using the Redbird signal repeater, we think those are feasible to fly BVLOS, while maintaining control over the bird at all times. The redbird repeater only works with Phantom 3 standard birds. Apparently, t
  8. Allan, Where do I find that MoA table you referred to? That list could help me save other areas I felt obliged to drop from our list. The attached candidate area map falls within the Fallon South 4 MoA area. You'll note that I've placed it 5 miles from the airfield to the north, which does not have a E airspace, south of Austin, Nv. Considering a max flight alt of just 200', should I include this area? The US Restricted airspace list FAA sent me is too big for me to attach to this post. I encourage anyone following this discussion to make suggestions how I might improve these maps. I intend
  9. The FAA responded to my inquiry: should we attempt BVLOS in MoAs by simply sending me a doc that lists all of the military restricted airspaces; in other words, as expected, they didn't answer my question. After more review of the MoA airspaces within eastern Nv, I've come to the conclusion that the MoAs extend from the ground surface up. Would the community, inc Allan, please look at the attached screen capture and confirm my conclusion? Another issue I need to bring up: for BVLOS areas behind ridges and hills I'd like to propose using a signal repeater, such as the Redbird, mounted on e
  10. Does this warning on the section chart mean that the MoA does not include the G airspace below 2000'? "MOA EXCLUDES AIRSPACE BELOW 2000' AGL" I'd like to get the community's opinion. Should I include BVLOS-candidate areas within Military Operations Areas, MoAs, but under any stated MoA floor? Ken
  11. Thanks Allan. I'm addressing in detail. Topics like a risk assessment, with all of the scenarios our pilots can think of and mitigations. The thing, I think, that will make our app unique are all of the maps included as a merged pdf. I've reviewed every one of the part 107.31 certificates, specifically examining how they describe their BVLOS areas. I'm mapping every single area, within Nevada, that we want to fly BVLOS. Some 3 dozen areas. A separate page for each area, which a polygon overlaid on a topo map background with lat and long coordinates. Of course, we're limiting our areas to most
  12. I intend to post a paper on things I learned filing a BVLOS app on here, since the community has been really supportive, answering my questions. I've been studying this for a year. A lot of trial & error, lectures, and talking to people. A lot of run around by the FAA. The FAA saying is: "They're not happy until pilots are unhappy". Started from a point of not even knowing how to access the CAPS online form to apply for a CoA or waiver. Now, I've obtained a Coa for my agency and am close to finishing the BVLOS-specific CoA needed for the DC team to evaluate BVLOS. This may be first part 9
  13. Ed, Thank you for that comment. We intend to run some control tests with both our Firefly 6 VTOL & Phantom 4 with all of apps: Map Pilot, Litchi, and Drone Deploy. We've determined that drone deploy can create long strip missions, like along river corridors, as Map Pilot won't. I mean missions to take pics automatically, to create mosaics. Not just video. Too much work to create such Litchi missions. I'm creating the waiver app maps now; mostly huge, flat, sparsely-populated valleys in Nevada. "Tremors" areas. However, we'll need to be able to BVLOS over some topography. It's interesting t
  14. I've been assigned the task of writing a beyond line of sight waiver app for my state agency. I've learned enough about what the DC FAA review team expects that I think I can include some areas that would require the UAV to fly behind a ridge line. Although I'm not going to expect too much and will limit how much of this drama I plan for. We understand that most UAVs require a direct line of sight from the controller. Has anyone in the community verified that if, flying an "auto" mission, such as Map Pilot or Litchi, the bird will continue to follow the programmed mission, even if it loses t
  15. My state agency flies the BirdsEyeView Firefly 6 Pro VTOL UAV. We have the Sony A6000 camera for the primary payload. We've been experiencing problems adjusting the settings in varying lighting conditions during photo flights. Also, we feel we could increase the resolution/color balance of our flights. I've watched some youtube vids and read some other related info about the sony camera. However, what I could benefit from would be to consult with a UAV pilot, expert in the use of the Sony A6000 with some specific setting questions. Would the community respond a name & contact info to me fo