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  1. Notuzi X85 looks like a familiar configuration any chance of Flexible Payload configuration like the Zenmuse X5s / Zenmuse Z30 and a Gimbaled Flir Vue Pro R or are the payload connection interface proprietary as with DJI Enterprise? Always nice to be able to use your existing cameras and lenses.
  2. Nick Li, I'll connect with you on LinkedIN for further conversation. Thank you for your response.
  3. Nick Li Would be interested in seeing the specifications;
  4. What is / are the "NET" specifications? Cellular LTE 4G / 5G with a 3G failover? Is it via Dongle or Sim card insertion and is said "NET" communications NTRIP Linkable and perhaps upgradeable for possible Remote ID UTM Transmission? If so I would think there would be a market if Self manufactured (BUILT) systems would / will need to be classified and certified for flight on the UAV End. I see Foxtech proffering similar range (Transmission and Control) systems with RTK type tracking as we continue to move into the unknow requirements of the future.
  5. What you are referring to is commonly called Photogrammetry and here camera specs and proper software are required. Free software such as QGIS is available and reading up on it will be a big help to you as most others are costly. Camera specs; obviously the better the camera, the better the results will be. I do not know what the Mavic Air specs are but for your peace of mind you might want to look at a Mavic Pro or comprable system with at least a 12 mega pixel camera. Just my thoughts here and hope others offer theirs!
  6. 5.8 & 2.4 are the frequencies that your Remote broadcast and receive controller inputs and video downlink. You'll find that while the 5.8 freq is less crowded, it also operates for shorter distances. However, in crowded urban areas where Internet wireless usage is high the 5.8 freq may be the better option. Your UAV may have one or both freq available to you, your user manual will have more on that. If your having signal trouble, try the parabolic antenna signal boosters. They are inexpensive and do help with signal distance.
  7. Airdata has a extensive list of features that covers everything up to and including battery temps and wind profiles. They do have a free account and the files are downloadable. You could start there and take the information you need and start your own log book. It does get tedious doing it yourself with all the batteries and updates etc.
  8. I have the Mavic 2 Pro and the skyreat filters do not affect the camera startup sequence as yours is doing. Check your manufacturer's site for compatibility as many with the original Mavic Pro use filters without problems. A filter that is too heavy may cause your problem. If removed, the startup should return to normal.
  9. Still the most versatile of DJI's UAV's when speaking of how it can maneuver.
  10. Have you given any thought to local college and other Incubators to carry this through to fruition, they can provide knowledgeable people and have access to resources others don't. This is not an SBA route.
  11. Make it plain, four hours inclusive, total to include the photos and videos. This is not an if / or type of thing. Your paying me $1500 for my time, equipment (Drone and cameras) Photos and video. Editing, in fact, can be additional charges, per hour. Exactly how many edits does the customer get? Your time, computer and work product are your money. That doesn't come free. Suggest one edit. Don't forget to have and charge for insurance. Last thing you need is some low life coming after you for purposely getting too close to your drone "because he was drunk" (insert any money hungry grubbing lie here.) Let them choose the method of delivery but include each items cost. I have heard of too many getting taken to the cleaners because of what they did not have in writing beforehand. Your knowledge, skills and abilities are valuable. Get the fair price for them. This is a contract situation.
  12. I noticed the same situation while i too await a response from the organization. I also noticed that COA's only go out as far as 12/31/2019 on the "DroneZone" site. Changes coming? However, I still acquire ATC quite easily via phone calls and have even been thanked for calling. This seems odd as i have been hearing quite different results on other "boards".
  13. There is an order and there is the law. The order does not supersede the law. you must advise Airport Authority / Air Traffic control and that's that. Your 6 month waiver is another story.
  14. Am I and others actually to believe that you are waiting 45 days, 6 months and whatever other time periods were previously quoted to fly your sUAS? While the rest of us are out flying everyday, you're staying at home waiting for paperwork that's not coming? Follow the rules of 107 if you pass it and fly. If not, enjoy your hobby flying but in no way shape or form were you ever told that you can't fly. YOU CAN REQUEST but you don't have to (computer side). You must inform airport authority / air traffic control tower of your flight within 5 NM (human side), B4UFLY app is the only app sanctioned by the FAA. No other app can be relied on. Sectional charts are available at your local airport. I find it hard to believe that you are sitting home not flying and complicating a system for yourself that not need be. End of subject f or me. Best of luck to you.
  15. I use Flytron Strobon Standalone lights velcroed to A/C They are $13.97 each from ReadyMadeRC. Don't be overcharged by other vendors. I've seen some wild pricing out there. They also now have Cree lights and Three string sets if that's your thing, but the normal lights will satisfy anti-collision light requirement. Also use the PGY tech search lights with strobe. Could be stronger in my opinion as a search light but as strobes, they are great for your orientation.
  16. When authorization in a controlled airspace is needed, you contact that airport control tower and advise of your flight; Time, location, radius etc. You do NOT need authorization to fly in uncontrolled airspace. There are classes of airspace... just who and how would you contact to fly in G Airspace and why? (NOTAM & TFR aside). No other App beside B4UFLY is FAA material, responsible for any mistakes or will be of any use in a court if relied upon. Beware of all these APP's out there' You are ultimately responsible for your actions, not them.
  17. Interesting video, if you don't want to buy disposable ice packs you can use one from your freezer (kept in a cooler until needed). Florida temperatures are ridiculous in the summer. My Nvidia shield K1 does not have such problems. I carry both with me now.
  18. THIS IS ONLY FOR WAIVERS of the part 107 rules.
  19. My apple iPad mini 4 screen via GO APP gets CPU overload warning and OVERHEATING warning. as yours. My Nvidia shield k1 I have no problems with. All apps are shut down prior to flight and i shut down wifi as a matter of procedure.