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  1. I never heard of it before but checking it out it seems nice with many cool features, but it is priced at $600. At this price point I think it would be a much safer bet for you to get a DJI Spark which actually costs $450 at Amazon now because it will be surely more reliable and because it is more popular you are guaranteed to always find the help and accessories you need for it.
  2. hahahah a nice invention indeed but even though the iPad gets hot it never got too hot on me. And I don't like the added weight
  3. True but I think in this case they more focused on delivering aid rather than search and rescue which would only need a few minutes of flight time I guess.
  4. For your price range (around $200) I found the Parrot AR drone 2.0 to be the best. You can checkout my detailed comparison of it right here But to give you the summary, it does have a much better camera which shoots 720p HD with a decent wide FOV and you can get one with a GPS receiver. Also the flight time is way longer than 8 minutes But if you are willing to pay more for a DJI Phantom 3 that would of course be a better option. but what I would do is actually get a DJI Spark which now costs $450 at Amazon. Luckily I also have a comparison of the DJI Spark Vs the Phantom 3 here .
  5. I never tried the to stitch that many aerial images into one which is why am wondering. How many shots did it take btw?
  6. hahahah nice! Tell them to make the hands bigger though
  7. Love the shots...Feel like a 3D model! Would love to see a video run
  8. Great shots... What was the wind like during these shots and how long did it take you to get all the needed shots? It is impressive how the drone is stable
  9. Very impressive...Feels "epic"! The soundtrack makes that much better.
  10. Really great shots! It's nice being able to fly such missions legally
  11. Great video...What drone did you use? All shots done with the drone or did you use other cameras?
  12. Great videos you got up here, congrats. One point if I may is that the videos feel like they are still images with some post processing to give them the zoom in or the pan effect, I think after the first couple of shoots you really should do some actual movement inside and out and really walk around the property. Just my 2 cents...Nice videos again