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  1. Richard, Thanks for all your help. Sorry for the major delay in responding . My job changed my position and I haven't had the time. Anyway, did take it out for a flight and it was a little bumpy in stabilize mode, and when I put it into loiter mode it shot off directly forward. Controls were useless and into the woods she goes. No damage, so I set it back up and tried again. This time it was very erratic and within 30 sec hit the ground. After looking this time it crashed because it threw a prop. The first time maybe, could have been avoided. I did forget to turn back on GPS
  2. Richard, Alright... All the motors are spinning and props are on. Going to tie everything down and I may go out for a short flight. If so, I will post a link to a video. Well Unless it crashes but we'll see. Somehow I feel like some of the motors are spinning faster than the others? Maybe just me or do I need to calibrate something to check? Thanks, Jeff
  3. Richard, So, I disabled all checks and success!! All but one motor is spinning. According to the diagram of my HESX its motor 6. Pulled everything and reconnected 5+ red wire to the ESC for motor 6 and manually calibrated. Pulled the red wire and reconnected everything. And...... Success!! Motors ARM and all 6 motors spin. I know I need to check the direction and it can be changed by swapping out any motor wire on the ESC. Correct? Thank you for all your help! Jeff
  4. Hello Again... Ok, so went back over everything again in the Wizard except the calibration of the motors. And everything passed except for being able to ARM the motors. I have included the link to the TX manual. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AvNwTWpauz-3gfRjfyCQ6lL8j-g_Gg from my one drive. I have also tried to ARM by holding 5-8 sec to the lower right and left with the throttle stick. Tried both of them in and out. Just wont ARM the motors. I have also included some PICS of the mission planner Screen if that helps. I'm lost as to why this Hexacopter will not ARM the motors.
  5. Hello..Ok so I have pulled all the red wires from the ESC's, isolated them and wrapped with electricals tap. I plugged motor 1 to pin 1 motor 2 to pin 2 and ao on...I then Installed the power module. I turned on the remote and then plugged in the battery. I got Loud 3 quick beeps and one long beep. Pushed the throttle stick to lower right for 5-6 sec. I made sure I was in stable mode. Lifted the throttle and got nothing. I'm going to start over tomorrow. I'm going to recalibrate all my motors, then go through all the set ups in mission planner. Can you tell me how to map one of the
  6. Hello Richard. Hope your day is going well. Here is a link to the transmitter I bought. It has 4, 2 position switches and 3, 2 position switches. It also has 2 dials and 2 levers on the back and 1 toggle switch. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MSFFRLJ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Also, you said that I only needed one ESC to provide power. Removing the red wire from all the connection and connecting one with the +5 Red wire. I've seen people online using 6 wires plugged in horizontally at the top of the APM and 1 vertically with the +5 wire to provide powe
  7. Hello...Thanks for the quick response. Here are a couple of pics of the APM and Receiver connection. The receiver is connected to inputs and the motors are connected to out- puts.
  8. Hello Richard. Hope your day is going well. Yes, when I said "All calibrations were successful" I was referring to just the throttle calibration on the ESCs. But, I ran through the mandatory hardware before I attached the APM. I Did Frame Type, Accelerometer and compass. Might need some help with the Radio, Flight Modes and Failsafe. Question: Do I need to have the battery connected while I'm doing these configurations or just the USB from the PC? I will look up some videos when I get off tonight and see if I can get her going. Thanks for all the info. Also, Its a shame someone
  9. Hey Richard Good day... I've installed everything and plugged everything up. All calibrations were successfully. Now when I turn on the remote then plug in the battery I get 3 Beep, Beep, Beep and then one long beep. Their are lights Flashing on the APM but when I move the throttle up nothing happens. I know all the ESC,s motors and battery work, it must be in the programming or cable placement. What do I do next? I was watching videos last night and got so lost. Good thing is that nothing is smoking!! Thanks for all your help. Have a great day! Jeff
  10. Richard, Very interesting thoughts. I would have assumed some short in the wiring and would have went the hardware route. The first one that started to smoke I would not be able to say the length of time, beep codes etc.. I can tell you that I, on motor 6 Turned on the radio, pushed throttle to high, plugged in battery and it initialized with 2 beeps, lowered throttle and got 1 beep and instead of unplugging the battery and plugging it back in before testing, I left it plugged in and went from low throttle to about 25% and thats when it starting smoking. So, I do believe you are correct a
  11. Hey Richard, When the ESC's started smoking I was doing the ESC Calibration. Transmitter on, Set to high, Plug in battery, Transmitter to low, unplug battery. Plug battery back in throttle 25% 3 sec.. started smoking. Yeah I bought 2 from Amazon, and have 2 coming from the seller. I also swapped out the battery for the 3s 11.4 V 20C Venom LIPO Anyway, Happy Sunday. Ill let you know how it goes this week, Thanks again for checking in... Jeff
  12. the Richard, Hello. Just a short note about the build. 2 of the 6 ESC/s started smoking the other 4 were just fine after I reversed the setting in the transmitter. Maybe I'll head up to the hobby shop tomorrow. Anyway, All is well, the new battery and Transmitter are working great. Starting to get a little frustrating, I though it would easier I've already put a little more in than I wanted to spend but I guess it'll be alright. Headed to the bobby shop tomorrow and see if I can pick a couple ESC's . I just wonder why they caught fire. Anyway, Hope your having a good weekend. oh, BTW
  13. Richard, Ok, we've got some action over here. So, The process above was great and I have 3 of the motors spinning and 3 not spinning and I have detailed the issues below. What's interesting is I was so excited about some success that I wanted to show one of my buddies and the ones that worked no longer did. Hmm! I saw that the TX was low on batteries so I replace them and tried again. Nothing, The only thing I could think is that something is wrong with the Lipo, that I said last night I had such problems charging. I think in all of this tonight the common denominator is the LIPO battery.
  14. Richard, Thanks again for the direction. I'm going to try this and let you know as soon as I can. Thank you so much for your help. Jeff
  15. Hello Sir... Well Just a short note before bed. Wow its like 2am, Man time flies! Pun intended. Anyway, I removed the top plate and soldered some of the connections that just didn't look that great. Put everything back together. Spent a bit of time learning how to bring back a dead cell in a battery which I'm returning tomorrow. Went through Mission planner and ran through all the mandatory steps and WE have some success I think. The Receiver bound with the radio, The APM is all light up like a Christmas tree so, I'm thinking we're good. Not Yet...When I do the ESC Calibration in mission