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  1. I personally didnt know that doing local 2d/3d mapping was even an option but now that i know i think i will look into a different simulator than the one we have just to see whats out there. It would not only be helpful for the students but moving forward it would be extremely helpful like you said in helping us plan out a safe flight for commercial use.
  2. I hadnt thought about doing this but it is a really good idea and a great way to bring kids in. Thank you!
  3. We do plan on charging for this class and for your other questions we really havent got that far yet. We are going to eventually work our way into training people on how to use drones for different professions such as photography, thermal imaging, surveying etc. But for now were really going to have to hope that some people want to learn about drones before flying them. Were located in Jacksonville, FL and as of now I can only find one local flying club but thats more aimed toward flying model airplanes not drones. Weve been looking into buying land to set up a drone flying club.
  4. The goal right now is just to teach people of all ages how to safely fly drones and give them a better understanding of the rules and regulations pertaining to drone use. The time constraints are in place because my boss plans to try to reach out to parents who will be buying their kids drones and he thinks that anything longer than 3 hours wont be able to hold the attention of a teenager and even some adults. Basically he wants to be able to bring in someone who knows absolutely nothing about drones and in 5 hours teach them how to not crash it, understand the rules to follow, and just have a better general knowledge about drones.
  5. My name is Alyssa, I've just been hired on as a director of operations to a company called Drone School Incorporated. My job is to get this business up and running by the end of the year so im in charge of advertising, marketing, creating a syllabus etc. My boss wants this to be a 3 hour classroom course and 2 hours of simulator time (we have the realflight drone simulator) eventually building up to use real drones for training. We dont have a minimum or maximum age for this class since for now we are only going to be using a simulator. I was an air traffic controller so i have a general idea of the rules and regulations regarding drones but thats about the extent of my knowledge. My main question is what should I incorporate into the syllabus when i start putting this together. If you guys could give me any feedback on this I would be extremely thankful.