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  1. Hey Bill, how's it going? Interesting to see you here, do you remember me? Wow, you're flying drones for the District, that's great! Anyway, to your issue... I have had this before and the bottom line is that the Phantom 4 Pro uses barometric pressure for altitude for flying because the GPS is notoriously inaccurate, but it seems it posts the GPS altitude in the photo exif's. Here's a link to folks discussing the issue. Anyway, I agree with Casey, it's well worth getting GCP targets on the ground, typically 4 corners and the center
  2. Thanks for the correction. My point was not to get the built-in tablet.
  3. I strongly recommend that you do NOT get the Advanced, as you will not be able to load other apps, thus will be very limited. Best to buy your own tablet and try a few apps to find the one you like best. There are actually several mapping apps, but the one I find offers the most functionality is UgCS, which you can get at
  4. Bob, is this you, in Toledo, OR? First, you should get or build a drone and map your land if you can afford it and have time/interest to take on the learning curve, because you're right, it's really fun. You would need to learn how to fly, post process the data (or pay for online processing), and some very basic GIS in order to view the data in the field. Whatever you decide to do, understand what the data will be. You mention contours, but that is secondary output to lidar and drone data. The initial 3d output is called a digital elevation mo
  5. Bob, with such a small area to map, you could probably find someone to fly and process the data for you for less than $1k. There is a Drone Meetup Group in Portland where you can either learn more about what you need, get support in building or purchasing your own mapping drone or find someone to do the entire job for you. And you are correct that flying during leaf off will give you much better results over forested areas. But before you buy anything, here is a link to download free lidar data flown in 2010, seems the Oregon coast is fully avai