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  1. We are currently looking for Pilot Subcontractors. Requirements: Part 107 Certified and a DJI Professional Series Drone (Phantom 4 Adv/Pro, Inspire, or Matrice preferred, Mavic Pro okay.) We compensate for both onsite and travel time and insurance costs. Flexible schedule. You fly and upload and we take care of everything else (no fees involved.) Application is here:
  2. We're running a drone photo contest to celebrate Summer! Win a COOL $100. Only takes a few seconds to enter.
  3. Looking for a Pilot-Rep for our company. Must be located in one of the following cities: San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Phoenix, St. Louis or Cincinnati Must own a DJI Phantom 4, Inspire or M Series with at least 3 batteries Must have experience using DroneDeploy or Pix4D and Litchi This is a sub-contracting opportunity with minimal time commitment to start and flexible schedule (can work outside normal business hours.) All you need to do is fly. We take care of everything else (project management, processing, etc.) Go here to app
  4. Any cities in the US a PITA to fly in due to local laws?
  5. Thanks for your questions. If by "users here" you mean pilots and not customers, then the answer to your question is more income. Simple as that. Unless your schedule is already completely packed subcontracting for other services, we serve as just another source of jobs. If you had to choose between two services for some reason then you would have to make a choice depending on how the two services compare as far as the details of their offer. As far as we are concerned, you can work as a subcontractor for as many companies as you want. How much do we pay? It varies widely depending o
  6. Drone Service business is expanding nationwide. Looking for part-time experienced pilot subcontractors in the following cities: Denver Los Angeles San Francisco / Oakland San Jose Chicago Philadelphia Cincinnati Spokane, WA Minimum Requirements: FAA Part 107 Certificate Pro-level Drone = DJI 3 Pro or better (including P4, Inspire, Matrice, other brands with 3-axis gimbal and 4K video capability) Job Description: We provide local advertising & sales for lead generation and project quotation, training as needed, insurance, project management, po