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  1. New hybrid drones are being designed here at the laboratories, smaller and cheaper than our actual 2000W hybrid drone. next model is going to use 15" propellers and a 1000W generator, a configuration which will provide 5 hours of flight time with a light payload (up to 500g) and more than 2 hours with a medium payload (up to 2kg). You can buy our 2000W hybrid drone from here: to follow this project subscribe to our newsletter: SandwichDrones (we will post only about very important announcements
  2. We finally have our hybrid UAV, the HY1000 Wheelbase: 1000mm No payload weight: 4.5kg (no fuel) Max take-off Weight: 10 kg Max speed: 10m/s Max flight time: Over 4 hours Voltage: 22V Generator output: 1 kw Generator weight: 1.6 kg Fuel tank: 1L (Customizable) Fuel consumption: 800g/H(Max) An internal combustion engine consumes gasoline and spins a generator to ensure a 22V output. Besides this, a 6S lipo battery package is also installed onboard to offer emergency back-up power for quick climbing and quick maneuvering. With 1kg payload, the flight time is more than 3 hours, and
  3. hello! we finally have our hybrid UAV and our generator, we sell them from here:
  4. Hi, yes, we are almost done with the development process, (we are in testing phase) this version of the generator is less efficient than the four-stroke version (that we are still working on) but it is really light and you can put it on almost any aircraft that has a minimum payload of 1.7 kg (1.5 of generator plus 200 grams of control system).
  5. Wow! thank you, I didn't know this project, are there other threads about it? or information? (I'm new here) Thank you
  6. At the moment drones could fly only several minutes, but imagine if you get hours and hours of flight time, imagine if you get 5 kg of payload, this will be useful for thousands of purposes, from delivering humanitarian aid to package delivery. Finally, we can get it. First hybrid system for drones was designed at NASA and it's really similar to what we are doing here (you can see the NASA system here: Basically, it's an alternator connected to a gas motor, it is very similar to the system that is improved in your car to keep the lights on, the difference is that it's thous