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  1. We've had discussions about Part 107 and educators. Is AUVSI, AMA or anyone working to deal with the rulemaking in regards to educators trying to bring safe and capable 107 pilots into the system and allowing them to fly in carefully controlled spaces outside of gyms, classrooms or cafeterias. Flying inside is good for basic skills but flying outside in the environment is important for building skills as well. If you've read the latest thread about High School educators and drones. You'll know my problem! My school is in Class D airspace, and in the LAANC Zero Altitude safe zone.
  2. Heck Bill, your just up the road a bit by Texas standards, I'm in Grand Prairie in the Dallas Metroplex I think Skills will pick it up nationally eventually, we're trying to push aviation more down here in Texas, maintenance is all they have now. I'm pushing hard for the pilot side of the house, I've got Redbird Flight Simulations committed to doing scenarios and providing simulators and AOPA has agreed to help as well and has invited Skills national to their High School Aviation Symposium next month in Louisville KY. You going to the Symposium? You have info on how you l
  3. We're not your average school, Career Technology based programs with core ed. support. Our sports are tech competitions like SkillsUSA, TSA, Etc No Gym, no real inside place to fly other than a classroom. I'm working on an netted enclosure in the back parking lot, but its all about the money.
  4. In general, its probably best to have the UAS Certificate. Following the letter of the law... if you're paid to teach and you're teaching students and flying (other than safe recovery) you'll need the 107. I'm in a particularly bad position.... my school is within the zero altitude area of the local class D and the tower at the airport is a contract tower and not part of the LAANC system. I know the tower chief and have had him over to the school when we had a 333 exemption but now his hands are tied. I've had a COA request in the system for over a year and have not heard anything fro
  5. As in most cases on the rules of aviation, its not the rule itself but how its interpreted by the FAA, and the NTSB administrative law judge. I would say that without a wavier for flying over people you might be treading on precarious ground. Also because of past experience with various levels of misguided individuals most school boards have passed prohibitions against flying over any school property.
  6. I’ve got an application in the system so my high School can use systems for training in the use of sUAS in engineering, photo, filmmaking, etc. We are well inside the Class D surface area (1.2 miles) and flight pattern. Aircraft fly right over the school in the pattern. The LAANC systems shows our school in the zero altitude area. I’ll try to keep you all informed on how its going.
  7. Hi all, I'm a Flight Instructor and Aerospace/Aviation Technology Teacher in the Dallas TX area. We are putting together a sUAS career track at our High School. We are a Career Technology Education (CTE) High School with many career pathways and Aerospace is mine. This program is very new.... 9th & 10th grade so far and I'm starting to put together the direction of the program. I can see from all the different threads on the forum there are more ways to take this than I'd originally imagined and still growing. One of the first things I'd like to do is start a FPV racing te
  8. Yes you can! I also just saw something about a proposed web based application process, but haven't had a chance to look at how that's going to work?? Have heard much about that yet?
  9. It still is an option if you are doing any of the things mentioned in the operating rules (over people, at night, in a airport surface area, over 100 mph, etc) although I'm pretty sure its going to change as well.
  10. Yes.......But its still a good app to check the area around where you plan on operating! Plus it will give you a warning about Temporary flight restrictions, which will get you in trouble if you fly in them, even if you're a Part 107 Operator.
  11. Okey Dokey, Well this is why I signed up..... to keep up on changes and learn more stuff I work and teach close to the Class B surface area and in a class D, I think that's where my confusion comes from...
  12. I forgot to put the B4Ufly app in the last comment... The FAA has an App that works on Android, Apple and windows systems you can find it on the various app stores "B4UFLY" You actually have the airport and two heliports (Hospitals) close by...... I'd worry about the heliports more than the Airports, Technically they count as well. The only problem I've seen with the app is that it has a lot of ghost airports. Ghost airports are airports still on the register but long closed, most are privately owned but former owners never bothered to tell the FAA that they are closed. I live on
  13. Good Morning Liam Good answers all around, the one thing that's left out is must make contact with your local airport manager. Most airport managers are a friendly lot (there are exceptions). Go out to the airport and sit down and have a conversation, let them know what your doing, give them the confidence that you're a safe operation and you're a licensed UAS operator and I doubt you'll have any problems with them. You can also apply for a 333 exemption, this can take some time as the fed's are up to their eyeballs with drone stuff. Regards;