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  1. Hello everybody! Posting my last job on this platform was such a big success, that now I have THREE more jobs I need pilots/photographers for! I have three clients that need work done across the United States, but unfortunately I cannot make them all to the shoot myself. So I am listing them all here, hoping to find some awesome photographers to send some business to! Just like last time, here is a link to my website where you can find more details and fill out a form to be hired for the job. They won’t take you long if you are in the area and it is a easy way to make a quick $8
  2. Hello everybody! I have a client in Nevada that needs some aerial photography done, but unfortunately I cannot make it to the shoot myself. I really want to help this client so I am biting the bullet and finding another pilot to do the job! All the job requires is for you to deliver 10 photos and 60 seconds of video. From there you will send me the raw photos and videos and I will take care of the editing and post processing. Here is a link to my website where you can find more details and fill out a form to be hired for the job. It will only take about 25 minutes for the shoot,
  3. Hi Chase! I am currently rocking the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and I love it! Clients don't typically know the difference between different platforms, but they like the quality that it produces and they trust my judgment on which platform will deliver the best results. - Sam Krochman
  4. Hello Fellow Pilots! My name is Sam Krochman and I am the CEO and founder of 191Above Aerial Photography. I started my company back in late 2013, and I have been flying ever since! I am also proud to say that I was the first recipient of the Drone Pilot Ground School scholarship, and I received my training through UAVCoach. Alan and Isabella at UAVCoach have been tremendous helps and I attribute a lot of my success and I am very grateful to them for giving me a shot in the industry. I got into the drone industry accidentally and I never knew how much I would love it. I originally pur
  5. I read everyone’s replies and all of the links that were included. So I have concluded that I am going to need a wavier. My next question is that the wavier last for 6 months, so does that mean that for the area described in the wavier, I would be able to fly accordingly all within that 6 months? Also, there are a lot of places that I want to film that happen to fall in that class C airspace. Can I just submit one form and ask for permission in all 200ft ceiling sections so that I can work all over within those boundaries without needing to describe each location. I am wondering because I don’
  6. Hello UAV Community,I had a question about current NAS laws. I went on the UAV Coach website to the “How to request FAA Airspace Authorization”, because one of the places I am filming is my friend’s dad’s car dealership. It’s called Connell Chevy in Orange Ca. The problem is that it is within the Class C airspace of John Wayne. Something I saw on the post was to go to AirMap. I did and turns out that the dealership is right on the boarder of a line. I attached a link to photos so you could see. It says that the ceiling is 200 ft, while the ceiling to the right of it (closer to John Wayne) is