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  1. Av8Chuck, Thank you for the awesome response... you've given me several tid bits to now research. During my employment, shooting commercials, TV shows and Features, I was always a "gun for hire" and in the Studio system we did not own any rights to our footage, yet I'd always get calls from companies asking me if I had any footage. Over the years I've assembled quite a lengthy contact list, but let's face it, Getty Images is "First Call" for high end users who need "The Best of the Best" so I'll test the market there first. I have other marketing concepts, but I really don't want to s
  2. I am a retired Aerial Cinematographer who worked on Studio and Commercial jobs exclusively for about 30 years. I also hold a FAA Private Pilot Licence for Helicopters and Fixed Wing, and I'm working on the UAV add-on. I will not be looking for assignments, but will be seeking passive income through supplying a stock footage agency with 4k+ scenic footage. My question to the experienced Drone pilots here, are there any drone controllers that allow two people to operate; one to pilot the aircraft and another to pan, tilt, zoom, focus and apply frame rate and aperture changes to the camera