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  1. Hello all! I was just wandering if any of you have ever utilized or have any feedback on the Dart Drones: Starting a Drone Business Under Part 107 course? I obtained my Part 107 with the help of Alan's ground school program, which was tremendously helpful. If anyone has an experience with this business course, I'd appreciate any feedback. With my learning style I need some form of structure in order to retain the information. I just don't want to invest in it, if its the same content being learned. I'm kind of struggling with what to do next now that I have the Part 107. I'm just trying to fly as much as possible making short videos for myself. But my train of thought is all over the map trying to do open source research. Thank you for any advice! -Darren
  2. Thanks Chuck, I appreciate the response. Currently at the moment, I'm 31. No children, no mortgage, with little production experience minus my own personal videos. I've somewhat recently got out of the military, where I've had some experience with fixed wing birds, and now I am looking into my next career. As far as customers. I was looking into the real estate market, professional photography as well with weddings, events, and such. But to be honest this is all fairly new to me and my initial instinct is to try to do it all. This would be my first business, so I am trying to navigate in a way to be successful. I chose the Mavic simply because I wanted to get some hands-on experience learning how to operate drones first, and that was what I could afford at the moment, but I do plan on upgrading to something for more commercial use.
  3. Hello all! My name is Darren, and I recently obtained my Part 107 here in San Diego, CA. Its a pretty heavily utilized airspace location, unfortunately. I own a DJI Mavic Pro that I am starting to figure out. I look to develop my own aerial video company, and any advice or tips that anyone has in starting your own aerial video business I'd greatly appreciate it! Happy flying! - Darren
  4. Hello fellow pilots! First post here, and fairly new to the drone flying industry. I recently obtained my Part 107 certificate and now I am trying to fly my Mavic Pro. I'm not going to lie, this whole airspace thing and being authorized to fly is still a bit confusing, please bear with me. I am trying to fly in a near-by park in San Diego County, which is pretty much covered with No-Fly-Zones. In the B4UFly app planning mode, the point that I wish to fly in, it states that there is a nearby Heliport at a hospital. Switch over to the Airmap App with the FAA-Part 107 mission setting at the same location, there are no advisories. But when I switch the Airmap setting to Fly for Fun under "What's your mission" tab I get the advisory for the hospital. So this is where my confusions lie. If I am Part 107 certified do I need to contact the heliport? Or do I need to call them regardless whenever I plan to fly? I guess I don't understand why the heliport advisory would only show up when "Flying for Fun", and not both. I'm simply trying to fly to get some flight time under my belt. If anyone has any clarification on procedures in layman's terms that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! - Darren