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  1. I too agree with the CC, what happens in many cases when you do the free trial for the allotted time and get tied up or just forget to cancel your card gets charged, and then its time consuming to contact them to get charges reversed and then wait for it to be reapplied to your card if it does. As for the the app from what I can see it looks like it can be another way to help your flight time, will see what happens.
  2. @Rami, As Steve said above,only in another location if it were TN. or FL. I would be interested
  3. I agree, @Alan Perlman this looks like it has a lot of great features.
  4. That would be a very helpful course for a lot of people, look forward in hearing more about it as you progress
  5. Good information all, thank you , and I am sure others will appreciate it as well.
  6. Yes I have seen some there just thought it might be interesting to here from members . Appreciate the response
  7. I would like to add this topic Editing video and photos as well as adding music to them. I would like to get as much input on this for all those including myself that are new to the photo and the video side of flying. If anyone knows of a tutorial online or there own way of doing it I think it would be helpful and appreciated by many. Thanks