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  1. I too agree with the CC, what happens in many cases when you do the free trial for the allotted time and get tied up or just forget to cancel your card gets charged, and then its time consuming to contact them to get charges reversed and then wait for it to be reapplied to your card if it does. As for the the app from what I can see it looks like it can be another way to help your flight time, will see what happens.
  2. Great idea JJ, I sent you an email, look forward in hearing from you Dean
  3. I agree with @Uaviator53 , ( Between UAVCoach and the others, I can't get enough. I see a lot of activity in all. ) I think at times life gets in the way of living, we all are from around the world with various backgrounds and busy with life in general. There are many of times I have so much going on that I am not on any forum for days, however when I do get on I have ALWAYS learned something from someones post. Forums to me is are team effort and only wins if there is continued involvement. As Alan mentioned figuring out ways to make it grow, etc. that is where we ALL come in, throw out some ideas as to what you want to see here.
  4. Welcome @Pablo Longoria, the uses for UAVs are pretty much endless, basic photography for most industries, mapping, advertising and the list goes on, you can also google your question and then read, read and still read all the articles on uses for UAVs. If you have not yet obtained your FAA 107 , that is if you live in the US I would start studying for that and that can be done here at Great amount of information there, then if you have not purchased some type of UAV, look around and see what model with suit your needs. Then practice and practice flying, and if you have never run or owned a business you need to also research the ends and out of business ownership. Good luck, stay on the forum and look over all the topics here and I believe most of your questions can be answered here.
  5. I would also agree to check out Drone Pilot Ground School it will give you the information needed to pass the FAA test as mentioned above..............Very well put together and learn at your own pace. practice-practice,,,,, since you are flying the phantom 4 learn everything about it,find a very open area and test out ALL its functions so that they all become natural to you to use. Follow all the laws and regulations in your area and have fun, best of luck. keep on the forum, read and ask questions.
  6. Welcome @Michael Sebastian best wishes in your busniess
  7. Hey Jay, wow thanks for the quick response and thank you for the information. I will go to your site today and read up on everything. Thank you again Dean
  8. Hey Luis you gotta have your perks, lol and thanks for the input, I also use an open area, safety is always my first concern, that's the x cops in us. note: that is not to say others are not flying safe ,for the record. I was opening that up to those who may not have any coverage or think of it if they are only using Verifly. Looking over their concept it looks pretty good, I need to read through it completely, I need to make sure that I can add an additional insured as some of my clients ask for that. Luis PM me if you get a chance
  9. Alright off to a good start, there you go @Steve Bennett two good post . And for @Av8Chuck you are very correct, our future depends greatly on our teaching and getting the kids interested and involved and a young age, they will no doubt come up with some great ideas. If you clicked on the link that @Steve Bennett posted that started this section A 14 year old boy in India named Harshwardhan Zala made the news recently for inventing a drone that could detect and detonate land mines. I look forward to following this topic
  10. Great idea @Steve Bennett that should be a category, not only is it nice to here the positive side of the use of UAVs but I am sure it will spark some more ideas from those reading about them and maybe help some in their own business or for those not sure as to what area they may want to get into this may help. Lets all look for these stories and post them.
  11. @Emjay click on the link I posted above and it will take you to the Alan's course site. Once you are ready to take the 107 test you need to find a location that suits you and it is called a CATS testing center, that is for all types of FAA aircraft testing. The fee is $150.00
  12. Welcome @Emjay YES you want good training, Can you get it for free I am sure it is out there, but to what extent of information they provide I do not know .The course that Alan offers is a great one to use, very detailed and those that have taken the course have had a great 107 pass rate . You can search the forum here and see what others have said. Fly often and learn what your drone can do, read the manuals and stay on the forums to learn and ask questions. You would do good by taking his course. Good luck
  13. Hello @Jay Bregman great concept. I have seen a couple of interviews you have had and my one question is this , Currently I have an annual policy through AerialPak which covers me 24/7 flying both commercially or for fun testing etc. So if I go out say 3 times a week or so ( this would be if I had NO insurance coverage elsewhere ) to test cameras, equipment etc. flying around all good and then for some unknown reason an oh crap something happens and causes the drone to loose control a bit and hits a parked car, I am not covered with the Verifly unless I paid the 10 bucks or so for that test flight correct. Your thoughts?... I can see me possibility using your program in the future. My current policy expires. thanks Dean
  14. @Uaviator53 is that you back in the glory days of flying LOL