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  1. Thank you Cristian! Really means a lot! I tried some editing techniques I haven’t before and that’s really what makes it more interesting for me about editing. I will definitely keep improving the close-ups and other effects with my future projects. Daniel
  2. Nice video of very interesting place! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Nice footage! You've visited some cool places. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm submitting this clip for the Final Project Submission and Graduation course review. I have used FCPX for editing the footage shot with DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Footage is in 4K resolution I wanted to use some editing methods such as speed ramp , music/clip sync, and some of the zoom cuts. I decided to use Dubstep music to give the footage some energy-like vibe. I decided to shoot the marina which is close by the place I live for the really great area views and seascapes. I always learn something new while editing in FCPX . Various speed ramps, color grading using Color Finale and LUTs, cutting the best footage to the music vibe and more. Hope you all like it! Hopefully this time I can get the diploma Thanks for watching!
  5. I understand what you mean. What I was referring to was pointed more to the "weekend drone fliers" who, and lets be honest there is a lot of them, think that choosing which drone to get is the hardest task and flying it doesn't involve anything more then charging the batteries and getting the"sweet" image or video at whatever cost. Have a great new year and safe flying!
  6. I’m sorry but there are so many reckless “pilots” ruining it for rest of us that there is obviously a need for registration! Also I believe that not only professional drone operators but also hobbyists should absolutely be required at least some form of online class or education and certification. Today’s drones are more powerful, faster and have longer operational distances capabilities that is very easy to cause a harm to others as a result of reckless and uneducated drone operations. That is my opinion and I’m sticking to it!
  7. Hi everyone! I just would like your opinion and wisdom about something that is related to uav operation in Class D airspace. I have submitted the application to FAA for authorization to fly up to 350'agl for customer who's house is located in class D airspace back in August but still no response. After 2 months of waiting I received the update which basically stated that FAA is overwhelmed with applications and it can take more than 90 days to respond. Well it is well over 100 days and nothing! I will re-submit the application. But after checking the Aimap app I noticed that when creating the flight plan the advisory says that "near by airport is in Class D airspace requiring FAA authorization, permissible at or below 200ft. My question to you all is Do the mean that you can apply for authorization but not higher than 200ft or that you can fly even without the authorization at or below 200ft? I'm confused!
  8. Thank you Christian, I absolutely agree with the pointed suggestions! I know some clips had white balance off, were little longer than they should’ve been and then some of the camera moves are somewhat noticeable. Definitely need practice in both camera/drone coordination and improvements in editing. That’s what makes this hobby/profession so interesting. The challenges and the excitement of the final product. Can’t wait to share more ! Thanks
  9. Hi Jonathon , Thank you very much for watching my video and the advice! I really appretiate it! You're right, that particular day the sky didn't cooperate at all. I really tried to "fiddle" with exposure in post but when one part of the same clip was exposed correctly the other would be either under or overexposed. But I still had a blast doing it and can't with for the winds calm down this week to get more flight time and footage to work with! Once again Thank you! Greetings from Florida!
  10. Hi everyone, Submitting my aerial video edit. I have used FCPX for editing with some transitions and callouts from Motionvfx. It was edited in 4K30p buy final upload is in 1080p. This was my first full edit (currently working on more) in which I wanted to try various transitions and callouts. I chose simple uplifting soundtrack for this project due to a fact it is pleasing. Purpose of this video is to show some of the "spots" around the local park. Last but not least, I have to say that the editing, color grading and pretty much all aspects of aerial footage editing is not the easiest task but it sure is one of the coolest! I welcome all comments,critique and suggestions. Thank you!