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  1. Hi Av8Chuck! Pix4D, ContextCapture and PhotoScan are photogrammetry software products. Sputnik is 3D Globe with support of 3D data and GIS/CAD functionalities - it is visualization and analysis software. Please check out the list of main features to understand the differences between Sputnik GIS and photogrammetry software: Measuring functionalities -Linar measurements, area calculation, volume calculation, volume diference, kriging interpolation, grid creation - DEM triangulation, section and cross section generation, section comparing, contour generation, slo
  2. Dear UAV Coach community, In Geoscan we develop multidimensional spatial data visualization system – Sputnik GIS. It is a great tool for viewing and analyzing wide range of UAV survey results. Here is areas of applications of Sputnik GIS: mining, urban planning, road construction and maintenance, oil and gas, emergency management, condition survey and more. We are glad to present you a new version of Sputnik 1.3. In this version, we improved TLS rendering algorithm and released new features. Please check out the list of improvements and innovations below. 1. TLS rend