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  1. Is anyone using the digital terrain model app available on drone deploy? What kind of quality does it produce for the 20 dollars a map? Are there alternatives? If someone is using it can they point me towards an example of the finished product? The example on drone deploy isnt very good. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the insight, sure helps hearing what people with more experience and knowledge have to say, it's what makes these forums so great. I try to research on my own until my brain starts to sizzle and then ask you folks. Works out great every time. Thanks again for taking the time.
  3. Thanks Dave, I am not a surveyor or intend to be one but was curious as to the appearance that someday anyone will be able to produce the same deliverable using the same set of aeropoints or similar product. And how is the surveying industry preparing for that eventuality? Again this is just curiosity. I'm not going to buy aeropoints and try to sell absolute accuracy. Thanks again for all the information, it's very educational.
  4. So does the data produced by the propeller aero points product and platform produce repeatable stamp-able data? Alone? Are licensed surveyors using it by itself? For 6,000 dollars? I'm curious as I drank the drone deploy cool aid regarding their products abilities and now i'm suspicious. Thanks.
  5. That's good advice. I was a hired hand on a 14,000 acre farm for awhile, so I'm not completely ignorant on certain crops and practices. Accurate interpretation of the data and solutions is very important to my model. There are a million other people trying the same thing with the same equipment as me so the quality has to be the highest possible for a toy and cell phone operation. Thanks so much for the excellent feedback, I really appreciate it.
  6. Hello, brand new to the industry. Just passed my 107 and was preparing to purchase a p4p and start my own business utilizing the abilities of the p4p, and drone deploy, on the cheap just like everybody else. I don't have a day job and my experience in construction and facilities maintenance has been hands on labor type. Lost a fair amount of use in my right arm for good so no more hammers or drills or heavy lifting etc. So since passing my test I've been reading non-stop and can't seem to find anyone who knows their stuff that thinks it's a good idea. Surely someone is paying the bills
  7. Im about to buy a phantom 4pro and try to make money mapping and photography. Is there a customer contract that is all encompassing that can cover both mapping and photography and data ownership? Something generic enough to include everything I would do with my drone? Anywhere I would do it? Appreciate any insight , thanks.