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  1. Thanks Chuck, TO is a great area and I have friends out that direction. I have a couple of pilots that I fly with in the Chatsworth area as that's less restrictive than Burbank so I think that's in between the two.
  2. Just joined the forum, thank you for a great community to voice opinions, show off our work and learn new secrets. I'm looking forward to continue honing my flying, video, photography and post production skills and to keeping up with the changing rules and regulations. Also hope to contribute to the forum when possible. I've been flying about a year and have been fortunate to fly in some unique indoor areas as well as for real estate, golf, and other other video projects and most recently 2 weeks in Australia while on vacation. I currently have 2 airspace authorizations, one for the Burbank area and the other is a Surface E in Central California for a golf course project I've been working on. Since it's a great sunny day it's time to go flying, more later. Mark