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  1. Hi I’m Rob Shepard and I joined this community to help support my hobby and the love for it. I feel that the industry is being threatened by nonresponseble pilots that are out there acting recklessly and are ruining it for the rest of us. Hopefully the FAA will get up to speed and come up with one unified system to track lawbreakers and punish them accordingly. When that starts to happen and the fines and the appropriate jail time becomes into play. And the laws are fully enforced. People will think twice about doing something stupid. Just like driving under the influence and speeding. And when the punishment starts getting handed out and the press starts to promote it and make it known. And these idiots that go out and buy these UAV with no respect or they just don’t care. Will think twice. There has to be not only laws but teeth in it also. Right now the odds are against us and we need to show the public that there responsible pilots out there and were not all the same. And change the odds to our favor. We are losing places to fly at rapid pace. Pretty soon there will be nowhere to fly except on private property. Let help save this hobby and a growing profession. It doesn’t have to be like this. Thank you for listening.