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  1. I appreciate the response. It doesn't sound like there is anything else we need to do but wanted to check around.
  2. Hello - Im a remote 107 pilot and have been asked by a private golf course to come out and teach a basic drone safety course to potential hobby drone flyers. The drone they want me to teach is the Tello which they will be selling out of their golf pro shop. During the winter they would like to shut down a few holes and set up a drone obstacle course for people to fly their Tello drones for fun. They like the Tello drone because its under 249 grams and would be fun to fly through obstacle course. They want to charge a small "fee" for me to teach the class and also charge a small "greens fee" wh
  3. Hello - Im currently providing some pro bono work to potential clients to basically get my name out there and to help in improving my flying skills. With that said, I wanted to know where to obtain Service Agreements, Notice of UAV Operations, Copyright Assignment Forms etc. Did you go through an attorney ( which I would prefer ) because I want to make sure this is done correctly. Thank you in advance for any assistance
  4. Not sure if this is the right forum to post but passed my 107 today after studying through drone pilot ground school's program. The test IMO was pretty easy although some questions had multiple correct answers. The Drone Pilot Ground School was a tremendous help and their mock tests was close to a mirror image to the 107. Many thanks to a great program!
  5. Mainly aerials of Virginia - mountains. I found some good ones on istock - royalty free.
  6. Looking for some stock aerial videos/photos - considering video blocks but wanted to obtain some recommendations for royalty free sites that are not overly expensive since I just need a few of each. Thank you in advance
  7. I am new to the forum and wanted to know if any pilots are buying their log books online and if so, who would you recommend to purchase the log book from? Thank you