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  1. Hi Adam. I'll definitely get with you in the near future. My Mavic arrived last week but I haven't had time to take it out of the box yet. I'm really looking forward to making use of it.
  2. Thanks. Of the several places I've lived up and down the East coast, I'm happiest here. I'm not too far from Alpharetta on the north side of town. Lots of airports here too, unfortunately.
  3. The DJI Osmo. We've had some really nice results using just an iphone and like that the Osmo has controls built into the grip. We have some decent cameras too, but like the convenience of the phone. My goal in the new year is to make more travel type videos using drone and stabilized ground videos, so hopefully I'll get good enough to eventually make a little money from either them or other contract work. I'm also going back to the UK next year and want to take as much quality video as possible.
  4. I knew that there were some restrictions, but didn't realize it was an almost blanket ban. Still, as they say, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I also got a nice handheld gimbal, so look forward to lots of ground photography too.
  5. Hi from the Atlanta Georgia area. Just got my temp certificate. As part of my day job I use ground based laser scanners, so hope to supplement that with drone footage from a Phantom 4 or Inspire eventually. I also will be getting a Mavic of my own to use at weekends, my goal is to make videos of national, state and local parks just for fun. I have a land survey background so may eventually branch out, but that's a long way away for now. I'm hoping I'll learn a lot of the admin portion here, such as how to get flying permissions in the many restricted airspaces in my area.